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Music challenges the creative mind. I’m sure of it.

19 Jul


I’m so in love with this Raising Sand album… it’s sick & unhealthy, I’m sure. I apologize for the innocent by- standers that read my blog & could care less about music. Look away for this one.

That being said… I absolutely had to post these song lyrics. I hope you let it marinate in your mind & your soul & let it allow you to think a little… & think outside the box… piecing the lyrics together & understanding symbolization & the amazing thought it takes to write & deliver good music. It’s truly art.  

Trampled Rose:

Long way going to
Get my medicine
Sky’s the autumn grey of a lonely wren
Piano from a window played
Gone tomorrow, gone yesterday
I found it in the street
At first I did not see
Lying at my feet
A trampled rose
Passing the hat in church
It never stops going around
You never pay just once
To get the job done
What I done to me,
I done to you
What happened to the trampled rose?
In the muddy street
With the fireworks and leaves
A blind man with a cup I asked
Would he sing ‘Kisses Sweeter Than Wine’
I know this rose,
Like I know my name
The one I gave my love,
It was the same
Now I find it in the street,
A trampled rose


Seeing the lyrics without hearing the incredible music, melody, & voice behind it is like seeing only a portion of a piece of art. It’s just beautiful music. period.

I wanted to post the lyrics to 2 of Robert Plant’s songs & another of Alison Krauss’ (from an older album), but I’m aware that is a little obnoxious. I’ll probably cave in a couple of months & post them anyway. serious.



Concerts Make Me :)

15 Jul

There’s just no way to describe how amazing the concert was. Aside from JMT, it was by far the best show I’ve ever been to. I was kinda bummed that we weren’t allowed to bring in cameras, but oh well.

They even did a Led Zeppelin track to a steel guitar & a fiddle. word.

I loved all of the songs that they did from their album, “Raising Sand”. I seriously can’t think of a better colaboration for an album than Alison Krauss & Robert Plant. It’s a beautiful bluesy, different sound.

We both had such a great time. I bet everyone thought we were newlyweds the way we were all lovey & flirty… cracking jokes & laughing to our own little corny “inside” humor. We’re so blessed to be so in love.

We even snuck down to the really close seats about 20 minutes into the show. Is that wrong?… okay, yes it is… I know. We just couldn’t help ourselves.

Can You Hear Me Screaming Right Now?!

11 Jul

My husband surprised me with tickets to see Robert Plant & Alison Krauss tonight. *screams*

My brother is gonna be soooo jealous!

Dance = art to the fullest

19 Jun

I’m pretty obsessed with the show “So You Think You Can Dance”… have been since the very first season. I love all of the different genres of dance & how passionate people who dance are. It’s such a beautiful form of art with amazing expression. When you think about it… choreographers are pretty creative, talented people. They don’t just perform the moves, they create the entire routine. That takes creativity & talent to another level. I looked on for a hip-hop routine that was performed tonight that was just ridiculous, but couldn’t find it. However,  I spent 45 minutes recapping on some of my favorite routines from past seasons. Check ’em out…

Rock On!

23 May

My new most favorite band…

Barlow Girl.



I Dare You To Move

13 May

So most people know by now, that one of my passions is music & that I’m pretty intuitive to lyrics. When I hear this song, I’m flooded with some pretty powerful feelings. This song asks some real questions. Where will you turn when you hit rock bottom?… are you truly strong or are you strong in your own fleshly kind of way?… The song writer challenges you… he even DARES you to pick yourself up off of the floor & find real strength! You’re here, in the world, but what’s next?… what will you do with this life? Even when you’re past is shameful…. salvation is here, right where you stand! Are you strong enough to rise up & be what God intended you to be?

Google the lyrics… they’re powerful!!!



26 Apr

Who’s numero uno on the Christian charts right now??



If you appreciate moving & passionate lyrics performed by a band with crazy talent… check ’em out. They just released a new album on April 1st. They’re ridiculous!