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Where I go, you go

2 Jul

So this is a Moby wrap. & it might just be one of THE coolest baby products I’ve ever owned. I’m seriously in love with it…. & from the looks of it, so is Mr. Finley-Foo. So comfy, for both him & I!



I guess you can’t really get the full effect of this contraption, but it is just one VERY long piece of super comfy fabric that comes with a book on how to use it in all different sorts of ways to accommodate a baby from newborn- a yr. old. After 3 kids, we’ve probably spent hundreds of dollars on carriers & wraps, etc., but this is by far the best! It’s so supportive on my back & especially for Finley. It’s almost genius how well he’s supported by just a piece of cotton material. Every mother needs one of these. I think at least a dozen people stopped me while I was out to ask me about it. This will forever be my baby shower gift for every expecting mother! Thanks Tabitha for turning me to the hippy side & convincing me that this was so worth the investment… even if I did have to travel all over Chapel Hill to find the hippy joint that sells these things. I was surprised to discover that I could’ve spent HOURS in this little boutique! It was full of all kinds of neat stuff for mommies & babies. I will definitely be returning!


A Day Of Rest & Pensive Thought

10 Nov

Yesterday, my amazing husband took the kids to Burlington for the entire day. He insisted that I stay behind this time & get some rest. I’m embarrassed to say that I barely moved from the couch. Desi-Lu is the worst influence a lazy person could ever be around. At least I did move more than she did. Lazy canine. She was the best company though… the quiet, cuddly, sleeping kind. The rest was much needed. I mourn the days of my first pregnancy… when I could sleep whenever my body called for it & the only person I had to look after was my husband. It’s hectic & exhausting being pregnant with 2 children under the age of 4 running around. shew. Never a dull moment.

Yesterday I realized that I am still having days of utter shock that we are really having our 3rd baby. I’m super excited, but for the first time, I see myself differently from what I imagined seeing myself at 27 years old. When we had Keely, I thought, “life is running right on schedule”…. when we had Cale, I thought, “life is running right on schedule”…. this time, I’m thinking, “wow. #3. so soon? really?!” That’s the thing about God though, He has a way of luring us into His plan & not our own. I’m so thrilled to be having a large family. I always wanted a larger family than what I was born into. I’m also proving to myself that I am a much stronger woman, that our marriage is extremely solid & blessed, & that I am a much more solid mother than I’ve given myself credit for in the past. I can’t wait to meet our new baby… to see the evidence of the love Brian & I share… & the love this family has for each other. Keely & Cale are so close, I am anxious to see how close they will all be with an even lesser age gap between them. & now, I really feel like our family will be complete without the dangling thought of, “are we REALLY complete with just 2 children?”.

Pregnancy = Bat Freak Crazy

4 Nov

Since I’ve decided to use my blog as a documentation of my very last pregnancy  😦    (& yes the thought actually does sadden me), as opposed to the journals I’ve used in the past, I found it only fair to share all of the random details.

I’m not sure when this started, but at some point, apparently being pregnant has given me an anxiety complex (ok, not really, but sort of). As most of you know by now, I am the Queen of organization… everything has to have a home, every can has to be placed a certain way in the cupboard, books must be arranged tallest to shortest, then fattest to skinniest, etc. Suddenly I feel like my house is complete chaos. Things are just scattered in none existent homes… too many things aren’t grouped accordingly. I feel so anxious about it. I’m really not sure where to begin, because with the unpredictable life of 2 small children, I’m scared that I’ll attempt to tackle a project & be left with it sitting on a counter top for 2 days until I can devote enough time to finish. Brian says that I’m totally exaggerating & that I do this every pregnancy. I don’t remember feeling so out of control (wow. I just realized that might fall under the category of a deeper psychological issue). Being pregnant with Keely, I had plenty of time to organize, nest, prepare… with Cale, it was slightly challenged, but still doable. Now my days are FULL just doing the everyday stuff. Maybe I’m just starting to feel claustrophobic knowing that we’ve already managed to fill every crevice of this house & now we are welcoming another person that adds lots more stuff. Hopefully in March, we will be in a new house. Everyone pray for us to have favor with the mortgage company to get a bigger house. Although… either way… we’ll make do with a smile  🙂  I don’t need a bigger space to enjoy what we already have.

It’s a good thing that pregnancy doesn’t take a toll on my moods. I’m good on that note. I’m sure Brian is more thankful for that than I am.

Current craving: cucumbers & ranch (could be much worse!).  Turn offs: salt… for some reason my taste buds have become really sensitive to salty taste (again… could be much worse!)

The Sweet Smell Of Fall

5 Oct

Fall is here & I loooove it! The next few months are my favorite time of the year. The older I get, the more excited I am to get into the fall/winter spirit. I’m already so anxious for Christmas to get here that I can hardly stand it. I’m jumping ahead of myself…. fall. Leaves changing, chilly/crisp weather, & the smell of all kinds of seasonal goodies baking in the oven. I love to bake! I like to bake more than I like to cook. I can remember tackling the hardest baking projects as a young teenager. My mom is such a great cook, but doesn’t bake. She doesn’t work well with precise cooking (just try asking her for a recipe… “a little bit of this, a lot of that, taste, add….” She eye balls everything!). So needless to say, she was always impressed when I would successfully bake pies from scratch… from pie crust to filling. It’s been a while since I’ve baked a homemade apple pie. I try to keep it a fall tradition. So to get into the spirit…..

As the pie was cooking, Brian looked at me & said, “if only you could take a picture of the smell!” As good as it looks on the screen, the best part was the smell that filled my house. No Yankee Candle needed  🙂

I Think I Can. I Think I Can…

5 Jul

I went & picked out the pattern & fabric for Keely’s jammies. It was so fun to be able to pick everything that I wanted… even down to the super cute buttons  🙂

Once I opened up the pattern & started cutting for Keely’s size, I started to feel a little intimidated. Lots of words & phrases that are apparently trademarked to the world of sewers. Kinda like when you work/worked in a restaurant & you say something like “86” or “corner” to someone that is foreign to the restaurant world… & they give you a confused look like “huh?”. Of course, I’m embarrassed to admit that not only did my husband have to show me how to load this sewing machine the first time, but he seems to also be much more inclined to these foreign instructions. So hopefully with his help with what my brain can’t process, I’ll get there. It’s fun to venture out into something I never thought I’d do… purely because of the intimidation factor. & the only way to learn is to dive in. Intimidation is for the weak. I might mess up a few times & come really close to throwing the machine across the room, but there will be a “Ta-Da” moment. & from there I can move on to tackle something a little harder.

Not to mention that I absolutely can’t let my daughter down. She’s so excited that mommy is making her some Hello Kitty jammies. & I got extra fabric so that I can make her a little handbag too  🙂

The Confessional

4 Jul

My thoughts are so random.

 I was in some kind of half-way deep thought yesterday about motherhood. The world will never truly understand the unselfish, tiring, devotions, & demands of a good stay-at-home wife & mother. My job never ends… EVER!… just when I think I’m caught up… I realize that I’m not. *sigh* Of course, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but man is the sacrifice more than you know until you’ve done it. It’s easy to loose sight of my own health, relaxation, interest, & “me” time. Feeling pulled in 2 different directions. Pastor Connie said, “feeling like everyone wants a piece of me, but there’s just not enough to go around sometimes”. At the Women’s Conference a few months ago, she talked about how women seem to be always chasing that season of life where it’s just calm. Not gonna happen. Just when you’re safe from the demands of a baby, comes the demands of a toddler, & then there are the activities & the changes from toddler – kid, then it’s the teen years *yikes*… now there’s a thought that scares the begeebers outta me. & then grandchildren & menopause (definitely not looking forward to that roller coaster) & nurturing the relationship with the man you produced these children with all the while. There’s just something to be said about women. We can endure to the fullest. We are wonderful creations of God built to handle anything… & handle it with grace & dignity. I am woman… hear me roar!

This whole impeaving thought lead to thoughts on my own parents & my own childhood. The things that I’ve thought in the past that my parents did/or handled wrong, aren’t as significant as before. I have infinite grace for my parents & their flaws. We’ve all got them… but even on the days when we feel like we don’t have an ounce left to give, we do… cause we’re parents & we are devoted to the most committed, dedicated, & unselfish relationship that we’ll likely ever have. & that’s for a lifetime. You never really stop being a parent. The bond between parent & child. Interesting. I only hope that at some point my children will have that same grace for Brian & I. To understand that, we did the very best we knew how & even when it wasn’t always the right thing, we did what we thought was truly in their best interest. Everything that we say & do isn’t neccessarily Gospel. We are human & we certainly don’t have all the answers, but we have love & love conquers all. It’s the numbero uno mandate in the Bible.

P.S. – grandma came & got Keely today. She’s gone until Sat. I’m really gonna miss her, but I know someone that’s gonna miss her even more….

I absolutely adore these 2 🙂


Banana Pudding & Pointless Epiphanies??

4 Jul

Made a trip out to Kristin & Emil’s last night for dessert. Keely & I made homemade banana pudding to take over. scrumptious. There’s just nothing like banana pudding right out of the oven… I don’t care how hot it is outside!

We took over our gift for their baby that is soon to arrive. I still can’t believe they were able to resist the temptation to find out the sex of the baby. We are all excited to find out what it will be  🙂  We don’t get to see Kristin & Emil too often these days, but that’s life I guess. I’m really excited for them to be welcoming their first baby into their family. I mean… geez… they’ve only been together for like a century now.

I was watching Rachel Ray this morning as I played with the kids in the living room floor, & she just kept talking about how when she is not “on stage”, she rarely gets out of her pajamas & downright refuses to wear make-up around the house. I smiled. Glad I’m not the only bum on the planet. Don’t get it twisted… I like to get dolled up & I’m pretty dang good at it, but man do I love my sweatpants & T-shirts. I’m all about comfort. I find it hard to understand why women waste precious hours of their day applying make-up & wearing uncomfortable clothes… just to raise kids… that trust me… think you’re the bee’s knees either way. But I guess many people have the same opinion of me & the time I spend blogging. Which is far & few between lately  😦  I should work on that.