I Dare You To Move

13 May

So most people know by now, that one of my passions is music & that I’m pretty intuitive to lyrics. When I hear this song, I’m flooded with some pretty powerful feelings. This song asks some real questions. Where will you turn when you hit rock bottom?… are you truly strong or are you strong in your own fleshly kind of way?… The song writer challenges you… he even DARES you to pick yourself up off of the floor & find real strength! You’re here, in the world, but what’s next?… what will you do with this life? Even when you’re past is shameful…. salvation is here, right where you stand! Are you strong enough to rise up & be what God intended you to be?

Google the lyrics… they’re powerful!!!



One Response to “I Dare You To Move”

  1. peak9 May 19, 2008 at 5:58 pm #

    Switchfoot is the sweetness. My favorite band for the last four years. This song is powerful and the video is great as well.

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