November 1, 2012

1 Nov

Yesterday I woke up to a dog & a sweet lil 7 yr old girl curled up next to me. I was overwhelmed with thankfulness as I laid there in the complete quiet for a moment.

Subsequently, the first picture I saw was a beautiful young lady in the last stages of her cancer & her life, laying on a pillow case identical to the one Keely had during those hard days/nights of diagnosis/treatment. God was preparing my heart early in the morning to see that picture & to have thanksgiving always in, & flowing from my heart.

Are His ways & His history in my life written on my heart? I’m always reflecting on where He’s brought me & all of the times He clearly revealed Himself to me. That’s why I journal & blog. To never forget. I feel challenged to use this month to focus on these things & be reminded daily of my blessings & reasons for thanksgiving. So, throughout this month, I will blog as I meditate & take my quiet time to see where/what God is directing me to be thankful for.

So, to start November in the mind frame of thanksgiving, praise, & all things good from God…

I am forever thankful that God gave me this precious daughter to love, have a special bond with, & watch grow up 🙂 I’m thankful He heals, delivers, & while it’s not always conducive with our natural logic & thoughts (Isaiah 55:8), is ALWAYS victorious.

He bore 39 stripes on His back. One for each category of sickness. Amazing love.


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