Cancer is our blessing

29 Jun

Genesis 50:20 – “You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.” (NLV)

Reflecting on how God’s Word has proved true & faithful, consistently over my life, continues to build my faith to new levels! I’m so thankful that God sees us in our future, & loves us & gives us grace along the way to get us to where He sees us. It’s a process, but as long as I’m growing to the next level, He is pleased with me.

I’ve been reflecting on how the enemy laid a life-threatening disease on our child, & how God used it to birth something amazing & turn it into one of our greatest blessings. That’s right… I said that cancer has proved to be a blessing.

I would have never lived life the way I do now without it. I wouldn’t consistently & constantly find reasons to praise God! I wouldn’t find the beauty in everyday. I wouldn’t look at my children daily & cherish them the way I do now. I would have taken them & my husband for granted. I wouldn’t understand what really matters in life. I wouldn’t have the vision I do now. I would have continued to live selfishly. Now, my life is devoted to serving God, my family, & the people placed in my life. I have laid down every selfish desire I have ever had for myself, to commit myself to discipling my children daily… building them up & giving them everything they need to be generation changers. Ushering them into a walk with a God that few really know.

Cancer changed our family. We understand how precious & the immeasurable strength of this unit. We are teaching our children how special this family unit is… to never take one another for granted… to love & cherish one another. We are a team. There is no division! This is a place of harmony. This is our heart for our children throughout all of their life. We aren’t caught up in separate activities here & there… we are doing life together & truly investing who we are into one another. We are teaching them who the true, living God is, & sharing our walk with Him, with them daily. I certainly don’t think we have it all figured out as parents, but being dealt this hand, I believe, brought us to a point of real perspective in life. That developed a vision. The vision is teaching & guiding us how to mold their hearts, love like Christ, prepare them for “the good fight of faith”, serve others, be self-sufficient, make sound choices, identify the dream that God has placed in their hearts, & believe that they are meant for something extraordinary (& set apart) & to walk in that. We are creating a legacy that will catapult them into leading their families & being a healthy, united front that thrives & impacts those around them.

No job, no school, no want, no friend, no situation, no agenda, no busyness, no fancy car or dream house can distract me from what really matters! I am changed, I am better because of cancer… & because of that, it has changed the entire course of our family. What a blessing!! I don’t even want to think of what our family would be like & how we would’ve lived our lives (focusing on the wrong things that seem important, & living & dying in the “wilderness” of this Christian life instead of the promised land) if we had never been attacked. God certainly turned what was meant to harm us, into something good, so that we could start a new generational legacy of saving lives & bringing people into the glory of such a holy & sovereign God. I’m so thankful that I clung to Gen 50:20 in faith from the beginning of that diagnosis… because now I’m seeing it manifested in so, so many ways!… & we’re only out of treatment a year yet! We have a lifetime to watch it continue to manifest.

I pray that everyone reading this will pursue God with reckless abandon & hold onto His Word with relentless faith. Let Him mold you & prune you. These things produce a life that God can use… through the valleys & the mountain tops… He will show Himself faithful. He will guide your steps & fight for you to see your life fulfill His purpose & advance His Kingdom.


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