Be Still.

24 May

Did you know that women taking an anti-depressant has gone up 400% over the last 2 decades? Now, before people go too ghetto on me, my focus or opinion here really has little to do with the legitimacy of taking something to help you when the need is there (my child ingested over 2 years of chemo for help with her need). This comes from a revelation in my own life & walk with God over the last couple of months.

We live in a time where stress, busyness, competition, etc. are at an all time high…. consuming! These things have never been an issue in the past the way that they are today. I experience it myself! & quite honestly, it alarms me for my children. How do I teach them to “be still” & find refreshment for their mind, body, & spirit, & know who they are in Christ instead of who they are in the world?

Technology is a wonderful thing, but it is certainly a catch 22 (anyone know where the heck that derives from? weird). We have so many things going on… so many avenues at our finger tips to keep us entertained & occupied (tv, phone, internet, etc.). We have created a generation of people that are uncomfortable in the stillness. Of course, as a parent of 3, life has taught me to appreciate the stillness! But how do I raise my children to not only be comfortable in the still times, but to actually make time for them & enjoy them. There are very little opportunities for rest, but without it, all kinds of things happen… we become confused, weary, burnt out, angry, depressed, bitter, etc. I have heard the verse a million times & to be completely honest, felt like Jesus wasn’t directing this one towards me apparently (ridiculous, I know).

Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

He was telling us here that if we can make time to just “be still” with Him, THAT will give us refreshment. We need to ditch all of our duties, quiet our minds, & just be still sometimes. If we make this a habit, God will restore & refresh us to come back to the daily grind & conquer it with clarity, purpose, & calmness.

We need to teach our children this! I look around at so many moms around me & I see that they are consumed with keeping their kids “busy”… soccer, dance, school functions, violin lessons, etc. The weeks & weekends are completely taken up with busyness. I am convinced that this raises up a generation of people that don’t know how to rest… that feel pressured to be busy (because that means we’re more productive & better, right?), that aren’t satisfied with being at home raising children, that don’t know how to just sit in the silence & presence of God comfortably (& I have been guilty of this myself & had to train my mind & body to stop!), & don’t know how to be focused on the most important things. How could they… they are over burdened, foggy, tired, irritable, unsatisfied, & most likely depressed (I forgot to mention that an overwhelming amount children are on antidepressants). Life is just too much, too busy. The stillness is precious & necessary.

I’m writing this blog to myself & to my children. I needed this revelation. God has been walking with me & conversating with me about this a little every day for months now. I was always on the go growing up… going from one friends house to another, to school, to daycare, to the skating rink, or just riding the roads (once I obtained my license). No one ever taught me to be still. & now I still struggle with it. I also struggle with confusion, too many burdens, feeling unsatisfied, & just TOO MUCH when I don’t consciously make time to be still. I am determined to help my daughter to avoid this struggle.

I read a fabulous article (I think it was on Focus on the Family) about how important it is to let kids get bored. Entertaining them 24/7 is not healthy for them! They need to learn to be okay with nothing… that sometimes life is beckoning us to just be still! What good advice for parents.

I personally believe that so many women are turning to antidepressants now because they make no time for rest & stillness… for refreshement. They are overburdened, tired, confused, unsatisfied, bitter, etc. (I’m assuming you can see the pattern here). Our minds, souls, & physical bodies are overwhelmed & exhausted. I am not suggesting that all women have no legitimate reason to take medicine to help with a real problem, but I am suggesting that maybe, just maybe, we are a generation that is heavy laden because we have difficulty being still in such a chaotic world. We are uncomfortable in the stillness & are completely over stimulated, but unsatisfied. I say this because I am that woman! & I am making a diligent effort to work on being still more often & teach my children to do the same before they enter the pressures of the world. God’s Word says that I am the head & not the tail (Duet. 28:13), MORE than a conqueror (Rom 8:37), victorious through Christ (1 Cor 15:57). With Jesus Christ & my time with Him, we will rise from the pit, to the mountain top each time it happens in life (& those pits will come, trust me!… no one is exempt!). He will guide me, refresh me, fight for me, & make His strength evident in me. As I was feeling low, confused, tired, sad, angry, etc. a few days ago, He reminded me during my quiet time with Him, that though the enemy may attack me & use everything against me (& he knows what my triggers are!), God promised that the enemy WOULD NOT DEVOUR ME! He said that He would fight for me… I need only to…….


(Exodus 14:14)

Psalm 46:10 “BE STILL, & know that I am God”



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