A Recap & A Revelation

2 Jan

For journaling purposes, I thought it smart to sort of record some of the accomplishments & manifestations of 2011, & to also record some of the things I began 2012 fasting & believing for…


A strong & blessed year for us indeed.

1. Keely finished treatment in July of this year. 6 months out & I can’t think of anything more beautiful to see than the true manifestation of a healing that we have prayed & believed for for 2 & 1/2 years. Everyday I notice it! Not a day goes by that I don’t look at her & say, “look at her… so full of energy, so healthy & vibrant. God you are true!”

2. I welcomed a new decade into my life in the best shape of my life. Huge accomplishment!

3. After over a year of praying & searching for a church home (& even being at a church for almost a year & knowing in our spirit that it wasn’t where we were supposed to be), God finally ushered us into a place that is home!… a place that fosters the fullness of Christ, that is warm & welcoming, that is Spirit-led, & where we can best serve & impact the body!

4. In 2010, the Lord began to impress some detailed & strong convictions for our family onto our hearts. The vision we began to receive in a broader spectrum in 2009 was starting to take on a real form. In 2011, we gained more ground & more wisdom in this area. I love our vision. I love seeing ourselves foster that vision & staying focused in the midst of daily life. We certainly don’t do everything right, but we are headed somewhere amazing!


The Lord began to stir up in me in the weeks prior to this year approaching, that this is going to be a dynamic year for us!

1. I am strongly convinced that this will be a year of broken chains. Chains that are holding me back from the fullness of what God’s desire is for me. As I was fasting… the Lord put a song in my heart to confirm what He was telling me… “Chains be broken. Lives be healed. Eyes be opened. Christ is revealed”. Haven’t heard that song in a long, long time, & yet, there it sat in my heart ready to be given life by Him & ready to come out of my mouth with praise.

2. We are moving in a couple of weeks. The story behind how we came into this house is just crazy in itself. There is no other explanation for the most random & unusual sequence of events coming together to form into a blessing that we’ve been praying for, than God Himself. Only God can place things like this into order! We received everything on our “list” of wants… even down to the small, “we can totally do without” things like, ranch style (no more 2 stories!). Praying that this year is the beginning of enjoying & thriving in the blessings & joy that was already prepared for us by the One that goes before us… good health & wide open spaces.

3. Praying that we can really form our roots in our church & serve the body.

4. Praying for vision for 2012 specifically. Vision for myself & my family. We are meant for greatness!… how can we work towards that this year?

5. Praying to be slower to anger, more merciful & loving, & more calm & peaceful toward my children.

6. One of the #1 things I would like to work on in terms of my inner, heart issues is to “Always try to see people for who they can become”. I want these words written on my heart so that they become my natural habit. I’m seriously considering getting up every day of 2012 & writing this on my hand so that at the years end, it is something that is so natural to me that I don’t even have to think about it before I just do it.

I would love to hear what other people are praying for for 2012! What are your goals, dreams, hopes, & visions for the new year?


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