No such thing as Santa?!!!!

28 Nov

As Christmas draws near & our kids get that infamous question from family members & strangers alike, “What is Santa bringing you for Christmas?”… I thought it necessary to do some ‘splainin’.

In our house, we don’t do Santa. We have personal convictions on the issue. First, let me say that I don’t think negatively of any parent that chooses to include Santa into their Christmas tradition. I hope that we can be given the same regard. & here is why we choose not to incorporate Santa:

Reason #1- Originally, we actually sold the story of Santa to our kids (well, Keely). Although, we were already beginning to feel a tug on our hearts to go in a different direction with our family. Still, we wanted our kids to have the “fantasy”. Until, one day, a very grown up 4 year old (cancer tends to do that to a kid) asked, “mom, if Santa takes toys to everyone, why do we need to buy toys for poor kids?”. That was the final tug… that last opportunity I needed from the Lord to be obedient with what He had been laying on my heart.

Reason #2- Keely has been through a lot more than typical kids her age. Many parents don’t know how important it is to have a trusting relationship with their young child. We never wanted to lie to Keely due to medical reasons. If she were facing a painful procedure, we would have never told her, “this won’t hurt”. Trust is damaged at that point. As her parents, we became her safe haven. We wanted her to know that we would never lie to her in order to comfort her in the moment. We would tell her the truth & promise to be with her & encourage her to pray with us for God to be with her.

Reason # 3 (the greatest reason!)- Jesus. I never used think that incorporating the fantasy of Santa did much damage to the reality of Jesus. God kept showing me how it did, however. Little revelations came to me periodically. Little revelations like these:

You can’t see Santa, but we’re encouraged to “just believe”. Isn’t that how we teach our children about Jesus (this one hit me hard as I heard them singing one day “He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake”. Huge check in my spirit! I had to let them know that singing the song was okay as long as they understood that no one has that ability except their Father)?….

When Santa is in the mix, how can we realistically expect a young child to focus on Christ? Only one mystical creature at a time please….

Why would I want Santa taking the credit when we struggle to give to our children? When my husband is working a second job for 2 months leading up to Christmas just so that we can put gifts under the tree for 3 kids. I want our children to understand & appreciate what they are given because they have seen their parents work hard to give to them out of love & because they have sacrificed time with their daddy for these gifts. Too many children have a sense of entitlement. This helps teach appreciation, & the value of hard work & sacrifice early on. It also begins to lay the foundation for the sacrifices that were made by so many for the birth- the death & resurrection of Christ.

I do not believe that we are robbing them of “fantasy” by taking Santa out of our Christmas celebration. We do so much throughout the year that encourages imagination & fantasy. Our kids are very healthy in this area… & I love that! I was a dreamer & “fantasy” kid myself & I think it is one of the things that fostered my creativity. I don’t think Santa had anything to do with that. & our children are just as excited about Christmas as all other children!

So there you have it. No more dirty looks from strangers when our kids politely respond that “there is no such thing as Santa” & no more lectures from family about how we are “ridiculous”. These are our convictions & we feel good about them. Mostly though, we are being obedient to the Holy Spirits beckon on our hearts & that is all that matters.


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