Philippians 4:7

9 Aug

Philippians 4:7 “and the peace of God, which surpasses (transcends) all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

We’ve all heard that famous piece of God’s Word. Most of us have prayed it over someone. But I’m sure, many of us, like myself, can’t fully grasp it.

Keely had her final bone marrow aspiration & spinal tap this past Friday. NOW is when the measure of our faith is really tested. Treatment is done… now we will see what her body does now that there are no meds being administered to keep the cancer away. For almost EVERY family, this is the time of most anxiety & fear. In the weeks leading up, I had this horrible feeling in my stomach. I felt uneasy, worried… all of those things that make no difference in our situation, that stand outside of what faith says, & that we have clearly been instructed to avoid. I decided to fast. What rewards that brings!!

Over the next week, I realized how at peace I felt. Even those “what if” thoughts had no effect on me. That’s peace that comes supernaturally! We are still waiting on the results from the bone marrow & I don’t even feel on edge about it. I know the results. & I know what the results will be every time.

As I was basking in this peace & giving thanks to my magnificent, gracious, & loving God, He impressed Philippians 4:7 on my heart…

Our natural minds say that it makes no sense to have such peace during what should be the most anxious time, yet, I do. God softly whispered, “that’s what ‘surpasses all understanding’ means. I told you that I would give you peace that you might not understand. & that I would guard your hearts & minds through Christ Jesus. Not even your own negative thoughts can penetrate that peace in your mind that was set forth when He said “it is finished”… because through & because of Him, your heart & mind is guarded.”

I pray that you can not only come to fully grasp what it means to not even understand the peace that God has already placed in your hearts & minds, but to EXPERIENCE it & rest in it.


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