8 years. 70 to go.

5 May

He is my greatest blessing. I don’t know any other marriage as beautiful as ours. God sits perfectly in between our union. He has carried us so gracefully through some of the roughest of circumstances. In fact, with God binding us, those circumstances only strengthened us, brought us closer, showed us how much we need one another to be complete & to be our fullest as individuals (Man!… the enemy must hate us… we are even more victorious under attack). We are unselfish & our agenda’s are almost always to benefit the other. I’m sure people think it’s impossible & that I’m just blowing smoke, but it is absolute truth that we never argue (okay… maybe twice a year. Yes, I’m serious). All of my life I’ve never been fully vulnerable to anyone, I never felt fully understood by anyone, & therefore never felt completely attached to another human being. He broke down all of those walls. He gets me. He makes me laugh everyday. He loves unconditionally. He always puts me before himself. He ignites everything in me that makes me want to conquer the world & be everything God has called me to be… & do it with passion, grace, & every gift that God gave me that makes me “me” & no one else. The passion between the 2 of us is as strong as the first week we were together. Who could ever ask for more out of a spouse & best friend?! So here’s to 8 years…


One Response to “8 years. 70 to go.”

  1. Theresa S. May 6, 2011 at 12:07 am #

    LOVE this! You guys are amazing & an inspiration 🙂

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