Capturing A Moment Of Simple Joy

28 Apr

So, I’m sure I’ve expressed this before, but this blog is mostly for my own personal documentation & reflection. Which means there will surely be posts that mean so much in my heart, but are mind numbing for readers. 

I started sending Brian an email daily with an attached picture(s) of something I want to capture during our day here at home… a moment that makes me smile that I can share with him. I decided to do that for myself also. Capture it & document it so that I can look back & smile all over again in the future. To capture a moment of SIMPLE joy in the midst of a season in our family (3 young kids!) that can sometimes be overshadowed by chaos, constant noise, unending chores, etc. Here is today’s memory…

The weather has been gloomy & stormy the last couple of days. So we had movie morning this morning & did an inside activity. Steroids are in full effect now by day 3, so school would have likely caused an emotional breakdown today. Instead we direct our focus to things less challenging & more calming & expressive.

I have tons of pictures just like this… them sitting at the table painting, coloring, doing a craft, etc. Still, I treasure every one of these times. I’ll likely post many more of these. Still, each individual time is a different memory. These times will soon be just that… a memory.


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