He Is Risen!

25 Apr

Such a great Easter day we had. Relaxing, playing, cooking… pure quality time!

We opted out of church since Christmas & Easter attract the masses. Waaayyy too many people for my comfort with Keely’s immune system. We woke up to baskets, then headed out for an egg hunt, half outside, half in. The kids really enjoyed that! Finley was ridiculous cute! Toddlers are the cutest during egg hunts. His little legs running to follow Brian’s finger hinting to the placement of the egg closest to him, then bending down & putting it in his basket 🙂 I’m so disappointed… it all happened so fast, I forgot to grab my camera 😦

I headed into the kitchen to begin the cooking…

You can’t have a successful Resurrection Day dinner without my granny’s carrot cake (… & chicken pastry, peas, cornbread, & deviled eggs, of course)

 & Brian & the kids played outside…

She rigged this up herself. She has Brian’s mind!


& then we came in, had baths, & enjoyed a true southern feast



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