Seasons change

24 Apr

I haven’t blogged much. I guess because I’m tired of talking about cancer & all of the things that come with it. With Keely coming close to the end of treatment, our focus as a family has begun to shift. We’ve been able to begin the journey back to normality. As I was thinking about it, I realized that I’m ready to shift this blog also. Although cancer & the here after will always be a part of our lives, I’m ready to begin to put this journey of treatment, isolation, counts, etc. in the past & move toward what has already been prepared before us on the other side… living, joy, family activities… a new journey. One that, in the past (b.c.- before cancer), I surely wouldn’t have absorbed & treasured the way I do now! & I’m ready to document that journey, that treasure, on this blog. I want to look back & see the progression of our lives in all seasons. We’ve done a great job as a family of making the most of isolation & treatment, but I’m ready for our family to be free once again. To go more than a week coming & going, laughing & playing, bonding & experiencing, learning & discovering… without the distraction of cancer. So here we go!!

April has been a busy & exciting month for us! The weather has been amazing & we’ve been out in it as much as our energy (ok, mom’s energy) will allow

Enjoying nature on Lake Lynn

Feeding the geese (big brother sharing bread & showing little brother the ropes)


& this is just precious! We love the Cole Family!



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