It’s Friday, But Sunday Is On It’s Way!

24 Apr

We did some fun things & started some new traditions this year for the Easter holiday. On Thursday evening, just before dinner, we sat down as a family & read a very kid-friendly story of the Last Supper, then the kids colored a picture that told the story. We then read about Jesus washing the feet of His disciples & talked about symbolism & what Jesus was telling us to do, & then colored a picture of Jesus washing feet. The kids seemed to really understand all they learned & enjoyed coloring the pictures. We talked about what Jesus must have felt & anticipated as He knew His time to suffer & die was approaching. We talked about the suffering He endured & then we talked about the ultimate love of God & the hope that came from this event. We talked about forgiveness of sin & what sin is. Again, I was amazed at how much they seemed to understand as we talked, explained, & asked questions. The resurrection, however, proved to be a little above the comprehension level of a 3 & 6 year old. I figure if we can get them to understand the former, we can build on the significance of the latter.

On Saturday we had a really good time dyeing eggs for the first time


 Saturday night Brian & I filled baskets, & a gazillion eggs. I didn’t grab my camera in time to capture the hunt 😦



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