Counting My Blessings

7 Jan

2010 has already started off amazing!

#1. We started the first weekend of the year off by being able to attend a church service as an entire family for the first time in over 6 months (we’ve only done so once in the last 9 months). It was just awesome! I haven’t seen Keely so overjoyed in a long time. She couldn’t wait to show us what she made & what she learned. On the car ride home, she told us, “I got to see all of my friends. I missed them so much! This day made my heart so happy!”. The things most 4 year olds take for granted. & I don’t think I have to tell the world how elated this made me as her mother!

#2. Everyone knows by this point, my passion to obtain all of the knowledge my brain can get on food health & natural living, & apply it to my family’s daily life as much as my means will allow. Since Keely’s diagnosis, I’ve done countless hours of research on the increase in cancer & other recent epidemics (such as ADHD, autism, allergies, etc)… & if the rest of America knew all of the information that I did, they would be obsessed with practicing certain lifestyles for the sake of themselves, their children, AND their grandchildren also(yes, what you expose your children to may not have any effect until your child has children. scary, huh?) It’s my “Getting Back To The Basics” goal for my family. Upon one of my many discussions on this subject with a friend, I was made aware of a program called the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Basically, you buy a share of a local farmers crop. There is a weekly delivery, & the food is picked either that day or the evening before. You are supporting local farms, but you are also providing your family with fresh products & a one on one relationship with the person growing the food you feed your family. Obviously, I was very interested in purchasing a share, so Alex (my friend) called her farmer to find out if he had any available shares (since the registration for this season is this month). She talked to him about our family & how our goal to know what we’re putting into our bodies came about. This man called me & has offered to sponsor our family this season. No charge! A $675 share… on him! I cried. I am so excited & feel so blessed!

#3. Our TV went out. I could really careless (I watch a total of maybe an hours worth of TV a week… maybe), & it would have probably proved to be a blessing for the kids, since the first day, they were as well-behaved as they’ve ever been… playing together wonderfully & rumaging through their big bookcase all morning & throughout the evening as I cooked. Still, like all American families, we’ve grown accustomed to having a TV & the house sounded oddly quiet without any noise. & since it’s been like 19 degrees outside (global warming, right. don’t even get me started on that! Read the bible people!), we can’t exactly get outside. So anyway, we knew that we would have to eventually replace the TV, but we knew it surely wouldn’t be anytime soon… cause TV’s costs lots of money. The very next day, Brian’s boss (who lives in our neighborhood) told us that his parents bought them a huge new TV for Christmas & that he wanted to give us the one that he had just taken out of his living room. The man just blessed us with a TV!

When it is people that we receive a blessing from, I automatically think of this….

 Luke 6:38 – “Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will MEN give into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”

I know that it is God that uses these people to bless us, but it is also the people who allow God to do so. & although NOTHING we do is ever motivated to receive something in return, we are faithful tithers & givers & bless others with every opportunity that God gives us. God is so faithful & he absolutely follows through on His Word when we obey it.

God bless 🙂


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