Adios 2009, Ni Hao 2010!

31 Dec

Every year at this time, I reflect on the year & ponder the goals & changes for the upcoming new year.

This year has definitely been the most pinnacle year of my life! In a single year, I gave birth 6 weeks premature to our third child & 4 days later, life took us on a whole new journey as our daughter was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We had one child at UNC, one child at home, & one child at Rex Hospital. So many people (including the many nurses & doctors we’ve come into contact with through all of this) have said to us, “how are you doing it?”. Looking back, I have no real answer except that we fully trusted in our God… that He was fighting our battle for us. We spoke His promises even when they hadn’t come to pass yet. We kept the devil out of the battlefield of emotions & in the battlefield of the Word, where we knew we would win! We praised Him daily even during the storm. We knew that Finley’s early arrival was God’s plan. He knew that I needed to be there for my daughter & that He would cover Finley with His protection.

We have had a challenging year. Thank God we are conquerors through Christ! In 2009:

  • My walk with, trust in, & limits of God changed dramatically this year! I’ve been called a “radical”, but I’m okay with that. As a matter of fact, I think that’s what God is looking for in order to really move.
  • I’ve learned a lot this year about where my focus should remain & how little everything outside of that really is. I’m actually thankful that I’ve gone through this. It changed me for the better. My family has grown closer & stronger in one year than I ever thought possible. We truly are blessed to have one another. We are a tremendous support for one another & the love in this home is just overwhelming! Some people will go a lifetime focused on things that have no real significance. Some will face a lifetime of mediocre problems, never REALLY having to rely on God. I have, & He has proved Himself faithful. He has shown me miracles, healings, strength, & the power of His spoken Word… & it’s life-changing! I will never place any limitations on God.
  • I witnessed on an extreme level, the goodness that lies in the hearts of people. It was such a blessing to have witnessed this! It restored my faith in people that had been somewhat lost before this. Complete strangers went to extreme measures to show their concern, love, & support for our family. It was just amazing! I pray everyday that God will put in front of me, the opportunities to return the blessings!

So this year was much more of a reflection than a planning for the new year. I realized that my goals & changes this year are pretty simple:

  • to appreciate & never take for granted, every single day that I’m given with the family I’ve been blessed with. We are bound together & if just one of us were missing, life would never be the same!
  • to continue to grow in my walk with God by obeying Him, reading His Word, being Spirit led, never placing limitations on the One who created the very world we live in, quiet time with Him, & always giving Him time to speak to my heart. By being aware of when the enemy is attacking so that I can engage my full armor of God & not allow him to distract or defeat me in any circumstance! I am always a conqueror because I walk with the greatest One.
  • to not only “teach” my children about God, but to live my life with Him walking right beside me… always available, always waiting, always faithful, always with me. I’ve learned something really important this year… We have been “teaching” our children about God for years now, but it wasn’t until Keely got sick & our lives really began to revolve around Him & His Word daily, in all situations whether good or bad, did our kids start to show real results of a God-centered life. Very few times when our kids are engaged in imaginative play, is Jesus not included. At night, when we all get together & pray, my daughter prays in the spirit (I’m not sure if it’s just because we do, or if she has already been baptised in the holy spirit, but either way, it’s just that normal to her). When Keely or Cale don’t feel well, their first reaction is to ask us to pray over them for healing (these kids are 4 & 2!). They have their own personal confessions that they speak over themselves every night & they understand why & the power behind it. & most beautifully, my daughter knows & says constantly that she is so thankful that Jesus died on the cross that day, because he healed her from something terrible. They would have never displayed these kinds of things in the past… even though we were practicing & active Christians, teaching them about God.
  • to continue to speak God’s promises & watch them come to pass! & having done all… STAND.

This year I will start Keely’s first year of homeschooling. I’m excited & nervous. I ask for anyone reading this to please pray for me… for patience, time management skills (as I am caring for 2 smaller children & keeping up a home of 5 also), diligence, & complete success in what our goal is!

I also ask for prayers from our many prayers warriors for the good health, strength, & peace for our family as we start this year.

Biblical numerology: 20 (double) 10 (covenant) = the year of the double covenant. Sounds like hope for the new year to me! I’m so excited for our family to be walking with God in 2010! Blessings to all!


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