This is OUR normal :)

22 Sep

This past month has been a series of controlled chaos. We moved into a MUCH bigger space. yippee. We had a housewarming/Bday party for Mr. Cale. Tons of fun & tons of people came to celebrate in our festivities!


… Cale, daddy, & Jack blowing out the candles

Keely had 2 & a half weeks off of chemo before entering into her most intense phase today. She finished up Intrem Maintenance on Sept. 8. She did very well through this phase! She was in great spirits & full of energy. Aside from the regular clinic visits, it was as if she wasn’t even on any chemotherapy. Today she entered a phase called Delayed Intensification. This phase lasts 2 months & then she goes into what they call “heaven” in the chemo world… the longest phase, called Maintenance (it last almost 2 years). D.I. is a phase in which they take the 4 most intense chemo drugs that she has gotten over the past 6 months & dump them into one phase. We are praying & staying positive that she will tolerate this phase with ease & the strength of her Savior! At least we know that this time (unlike in the very first phase where some of the most intense chemo was given), Brian & I know what to expect & can better comfort & deal with any obstacles she faces.

We have really been soaking up the past few weeks chemo-free. Keely has been her normal vivacious self & I have found myself holding onto glimpses of her being a kid again.


… Keely & I dancing to Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”


… Finley & Keely all jammied up & resting on mommy & daddy’s bed.


… Keely, Cale, & Toren opening gifts at the party. Her & Cale both played so hard with all of the kids. It made my heart beam 🙂

I was looking back at some of our photographer, Nancy’s pictures of the day we had her “head shaving party”. It brought tears to my eyes. I’ve seen those pictures a hundred times, but for the first time, I had a moment of reflection. That was only 6 months ago!… & Keely has matured SO much. I see other 4 year old’s play & hear them talk, & I realize that Keely isn’t a normal 4 year old. She has been around so many adults talking such serious business, that it seems impossible that she would remain an innocent child, shielded from the world. Our delivery of things as far as the way we talk & explain things to her is really not much different from an adult. She was just in the main hospital a few weeks ago getting an echocardiogram, & the nurse kept trying to distract her using “kid talk” & pictures of Dora & such. Keely was so annoyed & almost seemed insulted at the way the lady was talking to her. I was screaming on the inside, “just do the test lady! & stop treating her like a… like a… like a CHILD.”

I look at our lives & realize how far from normal we are… sometimes I see our friends & their lives with their children & I feel a bit sad, but most of the time, I see so many good things in our lives. Like the fact that our kids are so close to each other… they’re best friends. Most of the time, it’s unsafe for them to be around other kids, so having each other is all they know. & the fact that I look at Keely & am already so sure that God has something extreme planned for her life & that it will come to pass greatly because of this circumstance. & the fact that my husband & I have found strength, love, & joy in one another that goes beyond words. & the fact that I have found joy & appreciation in the smallest of things in this life… things that “normal” people don’t even look twice at. & the fact that I have seen God work through so many amazing people. It’s been a blessing to see the true goodness of people… evidence that God resides in our hearts. & mostly the fact that this entire family has grown closer to God through this trial.

Robb Thompson said that we should never run from trials & that we should want to face them earlier rather than later in our lives, because they reveal in us who we are & they prune us to carry out God’s will, to do the work called upon us by the Most High… the greatest works on earth. Our lives went from completely peachy to the ultimate trial in less than a week. & my prayer is that God uses this to transform us into servants pruned, prepared, & completely ready to carry out His mighty plan for us & to show the world His glory!


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  1. Shannon September 29, 2009 at 12:33 pm #

    How are things going with this new phase?

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