Where I go, you go

2 Jul

So this is a Moby wrap. & it might just be one of THE coolest baby products I’ve ever owned. I’m seriously in love with it…. & from the looks of it, so is Mr. Finley-Foo. So comfy, for both him & I!



I guess you can’t really get the full effect of this contraption, but it is just one VERY long piece of super comfy fabric that comes with a book on how to use it in all different sorts of ways to accommodate a baby from newborn- a yr. old. After 3 kids, we’ve probably spent hundreds of dollars on carriers & wraps, etc., but this is by far the best! It’s so supportive on my back & especially for Finley. It’s almost genius how well he’s supported by just a piece of cotton material. Every mother needs one of these. I think at least a dozen people stopped me while I was out to ask me about it. This will forever be my baby shower gift for every expecting mother! Thanks Tabitha for turning me to the hippy side & convincing me that this was so worth the investment… even if I did have to travel all over Chapel Hill to find the hippy joint that sells these things. I was surprised to discover that I could’ve spent HOURS in this little boutique! It was full of all kinds of neat stuff for mommies & babies. I will definitely be returning!


One Response to “Where I go, you go”

  1. singintherain July 12, 2009 at 4:50 pm #

    ah yes the moby. My best friend sent me this after she saw it on youtube. I have to admit when I got the thing I was like, really? But now 10 days till a very long flight (and layovers to boot) I am hoping this little contraption saves the day. By the looks of it, you’ve got this Moby thing handled quite well.

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