On a lighter note…

20 Jun

I want to document evidence that we still have some really good times in a house full of leukemia, stress, & multiple children 4 & under.

I’ll start here….

this is Keely’s Barbie house… an innocent place for her to let her imagination take her into another world (although we have plans to create a “chemo” barbie). As Keely was quietly playing in her room while we got the boys down for bed, she was doing something sooo hilarious!… & she didn’t even tell me about it… I had to stumble across it & ask, “Keely, why is the toddler barbie taped to the wall in the living room”…. actually it went down more like, “Keely. What’s up with the taped toddler?” She answered, “I taped her there mom. She’s in time-out” I’m not sure we ever used the restraint method to keep any of the kids in time out. disturbing. & extremely hilarious. One of those things you’ll only get from a 4 yr old. Good thing we don’t beat her… I’m scared to think of how that would have come to life in her imagination.


This is Cale with Keely’s hat on. Does he or does he not look exactly like Fabulous the rapper? haha. gangsta.


& Here he is after drying off from the pool, resisting to put clothes on to the point that he has crawled & is now stuck under the coffee table. That’s were defiance & rebellion will getcha… unfortunately those principles will follow you all of your life.


And here the kids are having a blast in the pool. With Keely being so isolated from other kids, the 2 of them really have become best friends. it’s pretty special.


Looking at this blog makes me completely forget about all of those nights she threw up for hours, or even last Tuesdays bad reaction to the ARA-C. I will definitely do a “Keely update” on all of that soon.


2 Responses to “On a lighter note…”

  1. jennifertobler June 22, 2009 at 12:45 pm #

    haha, her barbie time-out looks like a game we used to play at summer camp called “hang time”. we would take the youngest/smallest person in each cabin and duct tape them to the wall, who ever stayed on the wall the longest won! of course the 6yr olds always won! but it was hilarious!!

  2. Shannon June 22, 2009 at 12:58 pm #

    The picture of Cale under the coffee table will for sure have to be displayed at his wedding reception! That is too cute!

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