Are You Wearing The FULL Armor Of God?

18 Jun

… so I totally plagiarized this from Perry Stone’s website (by that I mean, copied & pasted. haha). This is so friggin cool, I had to share it with some of my blog readers. It’s so interesting & it will get your mind marinating & your spirit stirring for sure… I hope so anyway… I think I sometimes think that everyone is as deep a thinker as I am. Either way, it’s a must read. Enjoy.

In the mid 1980s I was ministering at the Sanctuary which is a great church in Deland, Florida. Following one of the services a young man asked to speak to me and shared a vision that he had experienced. When I heard this, I knew it was from the Lord.

                The time of the vision was in the 1970s.  In the vision the young man saw a very large field of ripe grain. The sky was a clear blue and the weather was perfect.  A large army was marching across the field. The individuals were happy and excited, laughing and enjoying themselves.

                Suddenly, large vultures from the sky began swooping down upon the field. In the Bible birds can represent evil spirits (Mark 4). As the vultures descended upon the people, there were three forms of weapons being carried in their claws. The birds began dropping these items onto the field.

                First, tares began to appear in the midst of the wheat. The purpose of the tares was to stop the harvest. As the vultures continued to swirl over the army below, they began dropping stones onto the field. Each stone had a particular problem written on it that would become a stumbling block if a person tripped over the stone. The stones were hidden in the field and could not be seen unless a person was watching and paying careful attention. The third items clinched in the claws of many of the vultures appeared to be missiles that were thrust toward certain individuals in the army. As these were fired from the air, they became fiery darts that would hit the person and ignite their mind. This resulted in setting their minds on fire with terrible thoughts that became a distraction.

                As the army moved forward, some began tripping over the stones and others were struck by the missiles. As the missiles hit, if the soldiers did not get up from the ground the vultures would suddenly swoop down and seize upon the person.  The vultures would then begin to pick apart the flesh of the fallen soldier.  Eating the flesh represented feeding off the carnal nature of the person.

                The size of the army became smaller as a result of these attacks. Certain soldiers began to hold up large shields to block the missiles from striking them. Some attempted to hide behind the armor of others.  A grandmother was firmly holding onto her shield as her grandchildren were playing carelessly behind her. Suddenly a missile hit one of the children and they fell to the ground. Each person needed their own shield for protection and could not rely upon someone else.  One man was attempting to outrun the attackers but was hit from behind. His shield was not up and because he “turned his back” he was defeated.  Another soldier was seen falling as he stumbled over a large stone.

                The battle became so strong, so intense and so dangerous that the army began to thin. The laughter seemed to cease and the faithful remnant that was not defeated by the stones or taken captive by the missiles closed ranks and began to unite their shields together. They became a strong remnant of battle worn, yet determined believers.  They began to dig trenches to take on the final conflict.

                Even in the heat of the battle there were moments of joy and rejoicing. Suddenly on the scene a man on a horse appeared. Some in the army left their positions to follow the one riding on the white horse.  Again the ranks of the troops became smaller, but the remnant remained strong and determined.

                Suddenly a bright light appeared and the remnant could see the city of God. They knew that they had remained steadfast and the battle was now over!

                    I first reported this vision several years ago and was reviewing notes from previous articles about this. When the young man’s vision from the 1970s saw the “white horse,” I didn’t think much about it when I heard this story in the late 1980s.  I was more impressed with the conflict and the results of the battle. However, now that we understand the appearing of the Mahdi of Islam and the tradition that he appears on a white horse, it makes this vision even more amazing. It appears that the white horse rider comes on the scene about the same time that the surviving army sees the city of God and realizes that the battle is over and we are headed to the city of God!

                    There is another aspect of this vision:

                    Every believer must secure the whole armor of God.  Watching and praying, will keep one from stumbling over the “stones” hidden in your journey. Your shield of faith will ensure your defense against the fiery darts of the enemy!  Dig in your heels and “stand when you have done all to stand!”

Perry Stone, Jr.


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