YOU can make a difference in the world!… so stop thinking that God isn’t giving you opportunities to change the world.

30 May
Our Family is walking in the Light The Night Walk in downtown Raleigh on October 17. This money donated does not go to us, it goes to the research of LLS. Our team name is “Spunky Punky”. If you have any interest in walking with us, or sitting on your couch at home through the walk & just making a donation to our team, please visit: We are so appreciative of any donations that go toward finding not only the cure, but what causes this terrible childhood disease.

You can donate, or just walk with us in support of our team & the fight against childhood blood cancer… or both. Once you go to the site, just click on “part of a team” (highlighted in red in the paragraph), on the next page, click on “Join an existing team”, when it ask for the team name… it is “spunky punky”. It will then ask you to answer a few questions reguarding who you are and so forth… once you finish that… you will have several options to choose from: join the walk, just donate on-line, & even invite people to donate in your name since your name will appear on the team list (although it all goes to our team since you are registered under our team & remember, the money goes to LLS, not Keely)

Please, find it in your heart to make a difference in the lives of innocent children plagued with such a horrible disease. Unless you’ve gone through it as a child or a parent, you have no idea what this disease & especially the treatment for this disease puts a family through! Researchers STILL don’t know what causes this disease, & althouh they have made huge strides over the past decade on the side effects & effectiveness of chemotherapy, it is still a VERY harsh treatment… some which poses permanent damage.

 Keely on her way to the playroon during one of our hospital stays
Keely & I laughing & loving on each other in the hospital bed  🙂

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