The Manifestation Of Keely’s Healing Has Begun

11 May
April 21, 2009
I have been busting at the seams all day to log onto FB & give our latest update on Keely after clinic today. I am going to try my hardest to make this explaination of what’s going on as easy as “medical lingo” will allow me.

The day Keely had a CBC (blood drawn) & was diagnosised with A.L.L(Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia), her WBC (white blood count) was 85,000. The normal range is between 5 & 10 thousand. Anything over 50,000 makes a child “high risk”. Childhood cancer is very different from adult cancer, it is a cancer of the blood. therefore, her dr is a Hemotologist & not an Oncologist. White blood cells have many, many functions & do lots to aid in the balance of our bodies. They are miraculously the only blood cell that can actually leave the blood to travel to areas of the body that they are needed. A.L.L is when the bone marrow produces immature white blood cells that are called leukemia blasts. They produce very rapidly & start to take over & actually crowd out the red blood cells.

There are several phases to the treatment of leukemia. First, there is the “induction phase”. This is the most aggressive & most frequently administered chemo treatment. The “goal” for the hemotologists is for children to be in remission after 29 days (the period of the induction phase)… the rest of the treatment is best explained as “maintenance” to make sure that the blasts don’t come back, that the wiping out of the “bad WBC’s” has been able to reteach the bone marrow to produce mature cells, & that none of the blasts have been “hiding”. When Keely was first diagnosised & we sat down to discuss the course of an almost 3 yr treatment plan, her doctor explained to us that there are 2 types of “responders” to the chemo… “rapid responders” & “slow responders”. She explained that most children with very high WBC’s (which was Keely) tend to be “slow responders”. Slow resonders have to remain in the “induction phase” for longer (which is hard on their bodies & we all know that these chemo drugs already have dangerous & serious side effects), & they are more likely to relaps since they don’t respond to the chemo as well.

Today we got all of her counts back (red blood cells, platlets, WBC’s, ANC’s. etc) & the final results from her 2 bone marrow aspirations (which tells us exactly what the chemo is doing). KEELY IS INDEED A RAPID RESPONDER!! Praise God! Despite her high WBC, she is responding perfectly to the chemo. Even the doctor was a bit surprised at how well the marrow looked under the microscope. We only have 2 or so more weeks of the induction phase & life should start to become a little more normal… still not the ideal life… we’ll still have clinic & some hospital stays for some of the chemo, but the worst is definitely over! She still can’t go back to church, or dance class, or even stroll around Target since her immune system is so compromised, but after the induction phase & the chemo treatments start to taper off, she will be back to normal activities!

If there is anything I could ever say to someone dealing with an illness or disease it would be to truly believe in the healing that Jesus provided for us!… it is so very real! Listen to confession CD’s, speak blessing & positivity over your situation, read God’s Word & get it deep inside you… because God promised us some amazing things in His Word & if you have UNWAVERING faith in Him, He will not fail you!


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