& So Begins A Completely New Journey That This Blog Is Now Devoted To….

11 May
March 31, 2009
I just wanted to give a brief break down of a series of overwhelming events over the last few days.I am leaving a lot out, but at some point I will write a better informed blog.

We took Keely to the Dr. on Sun morning (5 days after the birth of our 3rd child) after a sleepless night of her complaining severe leg pain.They did some blood work & from there we were rushed to Wake Med for a double check on the blood work done in the office., to an ambulance ride to UNC Childrens hospital with a Leukemia diagnosis. We have been here ever since.

Keely had 2 blood transfusions & 2 platelet transfusions on Sun night… her white blood cell count was SO high & her red blood cell count was SO low. She was officially diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on Mon morning. She underwent a surgery to have a a bone marrow biopsy, a spinal tap & a Port-o-cath placed in her chest (a central line directly to her heart that is used to administer all of her treatment, take blood, give blood, etc. This is a wonderful piece of technology that prevents her from having IV’s & being poked over & over). She had her first round of chemo yesterday. She did really well! She never got sick. One of the signs of the “cocktail” (or mixture of chemo specific for her) is working is for her to be urinating every 2 hours since #1- she excreets the bad cells that the chemo is killing, out through urine & #2-the chemo is very hard on her liver & kidneys because those are the organs that filter the bad cells & the chemo. So her urinating so frequently means that the “cocktail” is doing it’s job & that her liver & kidneys aren’t taking a hard blow. This morning after blood drawn & tested throughout the night, we had a good report on her levels which means the chemo is working! Praise God!

This is going to be a very long road for us… 2 & 1/2 years of treatment (most done out-patient… we will come to clinic once a week in the first few months, then once a month for the next couple of years). We will bring her here to UNC’s Gravely building for her treatment, where all of the other Leukemia patients come.

The hardest part of all of this has been having to sit & watch our child in so much pain. We want everyone to understand & believe with us these things:

Jesus died for TWO things on our behalf on the Cross #1- our salvation & #2- our HEALING. He healed us of our sicknesses & diseases that day. It’s already been done… we just have to receive it!… the same way that each of us chose to receive our salvation, we must also choose to receive our healing. It belongs to us & it is God’s promise to us. If we believe that the Word of God is true in it’s entirety, then we have to believe that! & not only is it God’s promise, but this promise & this issue of healing is written so many times in the Bible that I’m not sure how any Christian could lack faith in this area. & faith is what God is looking for in order to give us what we ask.

God has a plan for Keely’s life. In 10 years, she is going to have a testimony that is going to bring so many troubled kids to Christ. I can see her as a teenager standing in front of a congregation of young people & changing their lives & their hearts. We are all going to look at her & see God’s glory & his deliverance for us all. For those of you who aren’t Believers & are thinking, “why would God give this child this disease?”, please know that it’s NOT from God. God doesn’t give us disease in order to heal us no more than he gave us sin in order to save us!! But as true as it is that I am save, she is healed because those are the 2 things that Jesus died for! This is an attack on our family from the enemy. Our family life has been undefeated since the beginning. Brian & I have one of the most beautiful marriages I’ve ever seen or knew existed, our children are beautiful,good children & Keely already REALLY has a heart for the Lord. Life has been so perfect. We’ve never had to lean on our faith for anything major. We have pissed the enemy off! He is desperate to shake our faith & tear our family apart, but our battle has already been fought & God WILL prevail. Jesus told us that He would never leave us or forsake us & this situation doesn’t exlude that promise. Our feet aren’t even touching the ground right now… God is carrying us the whole way. We rebuke the enemy & refuse to be let ANYONE tear our family apart!

We STRONGLY believe & know that Keely is already healed. The chemo is already killing everything bad in her body & God is making her well & whole. We are thankful to serve such a powerful God & that the Holy Spirit has given us a spirit of peace over our circumstance. Please stand in agreeance with our family that Keely has chosen a long life & God will provide that because His Word says so & God doesn’t lie!


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