Bye-Bye Blondie :(

11 May
April 27, 2009
This one will be short & sweet as I’m already fighting back tears… & my natural coping skill with emotion is to withdrawl.

Today, as I was sitting on the couch feeding the baby, Keely walked up to me completely complacent,& hands me a HUGE chunk of her hair. She didn’t seem to be to worried about it, but I also don’t think she understands that there is a bald spot on the back of her hair now. Brian & made the decision that once it started to do that, we would just shave it.

I contacted Casey (our amazing neigbhor) today (who is in Vegas AND pregnant) and expressed to her that as much as I hated to worry her, this “hair cutting” party was going to have to be much sooner than we thought. Keely knows that Casey is a cosmetologist & wants her to do “the deed”.

So tomorrow evening, we are going to have a small “hair cutting” extravaganza. We have a professional photographer coming in that we have worked with before. She is offering her time, services, & offerrings to be here for us to capture this time in our lives. I’m making cupcakes & planning on playing praise & worship music throughout the house. Please stop by as long as you’re not sick. I’m not sure exactly what time the hair cutting will take place, but feel free to call or just stop after 4 (since we have clinic).

Please, please, please pray tonight that Keely has an overwhelming peace about what is about to happen. So far, she thinks it’s pretty cool & is excited to wear hats as much as she wants, so that’s great!


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