An Update…

11 May
April 7, 2009
this morning… bright & early (up at 5:30) was our first day of clinic. *Clinic is where cancer patients go to receive their out-patient chemo infusions*.

It was a long day, but I am MORE THAN happy to say that we are back home. Keely’s blood counts were good so we were able to forego a hospital admission this week. Although it is very common for leukemia patients to spike a fever in between clinic visits, we are very positive that Keely will not fall under the “common” category. We know that there will be times when a hospital stay may be intevitable, but we are also positive that Keely may NEVER have to be admitted… at least until her scheduled chemo treatments that require her to be “in house”.

The worst part of clinic today was having her port accessed *having the needle placed in the central line to administer treatment*. It was a little bit of pain just for those few seconds during the stick. She had to be put to sleep today for another bone marrow biopsy & spinal tap, but it went REALLY well. She was actually less drowsy & dopey than most of the other kids… my kid is one tough cookie… & yes… she gets it from her mama 😉 The bone marrow came back pretty good. The blasts (leukemia cells) aren’t down as much as we hoped, but of course we were hoping for better than “usual”. Still, they were down more than 5% which is as much as they were looking for. & her blood work is fabulous which means the chemo is doing it’s job! Glory to God… our Jehovah Rafah (God our Healer). Keely was born to be healed & give her testimony! Keely has had a couple of minor headaches & has been sick some, but other than that, doing well. We are just happy to have her home with no complications!

I feel like baby Finley has been left out in the mix during all of this, & I’m sure everyone is wondering about his progress. The reason his updates have fallen to the wayside is because is doing so incredibly well. We are only waiting for him to take every single feeding through the bottle. He should be home in about a week. On the very first night of our stay at UNC, as Brian & I were up all night (obviously), we were quietly talking (as Keely slept) about our situation. We suddenly realized that although we were upset that Finley was brought into the world sooner than expected & faced some very minor hurdles, we are so glad that we never questioned God & his reason for Finley’s birthday. We looked at each other at some point in the wee hours of the night last Sun. & said, “now we know! God knew the events to come & He knew that Finley was going to be perfectly healthy. How awful it would have been to have to leave Keely’s bedside to go deliver a baby on my own!”

Thank you again for all of your prayers, kind words, etc. I can’t express how much it means to our family!


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