A Thank You!

11 May
April 3, 2009
I have received an overwhelming amount of messages & I’m afraid that I probably won’t have enough time to respond to each of them, so I am just hoping that those of you who have reached out to me will read this.

Brian, Keely, & I would just like to thank everyone for all of your love, prayers, support, encouragement, & FAITH. It means so much to us to know that so many people love our family so much & care so deeply about our situation! We’ve already started to witness God move through this week. People have came to us with testimonies of how our situation has touched their lives as mothers, as married couples, as seekers of God, etc. People are quickly realizing how ridiculous the small things in life really are & have been deeply touched with gratitude for the beautiful things that God has blessed each of us with individually. We are so overjoyed that this unfortunate situation has allowed God to enter people’s hearts!

One of the most beautiful things I’ve been able to take from this, is the reality that God really does live in ALL of our hearts. I have seen a beautiful side of people, that in this world, we so often don’t ever get to witness.

Like I said before, Keely is already healed by the stripes of Jesus & even she is in agreeance with us. We talk about how Jesus is healing her daily. We just want to let everyone know how beautiful it has been to witness Jesus in people’s hearts. Words can never express how much we appreciate everything… the kind & encouraging words, the prayers, the financial help, the visits, the food, the books, the balloons, the toys & gifts, the flowers, the phone calls… & a special thank you for anyone who has let this situation come in to your heart & change you for the better… thank you for allowing God to work through us to bring you to a higher place. Remember, Keely will receive crowns in heaven that you & I will never know for fighting this battle & touching people’s lives in the name of Jesus Christ!

*A special thank you to Pastor Bruce, Pastor Jody, & EVERYONE at Living Word. I’m not sure how we would have ever come to the place of faith & peace in this situation without you. You have put your lives on hold to be at our beckon call. You will never understand how you have touched our lives & our hearts!

We are going home tomorrow afternoon & hopefully won’t be back here until her treatment on Tues.


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