Nothing Less Than Amazing!

27 Jan

First & foremost… congratulations to the Kelly family for welcoming a healthy baby girl, Gabriella, into their family this past Sunday afternoon. She is so beautiful & perfect! I was excited to take Keely to the hospital to see the baby. I was anxious to see her reaction to the newborn. It was special… Keely was so amazed! She kept asking me to look at her “one more time”. She wanted to see her hands & her toes. It made me so excited to see how she will take to Finn. She was a little too young to really be excited when Cale was born, so this time is going to be really amazing & special for her. (I will post the pictures of our visit once I have time to load them onto the computer & then to the blog)

I was a little emotional & completely in awe during the visit, looking ahead to my own child’s upcoming birth. I guess I always thought that after a couple of babies, the miraculous feeling of it all seems to die a little. I realized however, that it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done, those incredible feelings never dull. It’s no less amazing, no less exciting, & no less miraculous than the very first time! It’s still a new life, created by me, the man I love, & God Himself… a human being completely unique. He won’t be like Keely, he won’t be like Cale, he’ll be Finn… yet he was created by the same people. I can’t wait to meet him!


3 Responses to “Nothing Less Than Amazing!”

  1. jennifertobler January 28, 2009 at 3:19 am #

    I (kinda) know what you mean. I was amazed when I went to see Jas and the baby. It didn’t remind me of my experience, or any one else’s because it is always completely unique and so special. I can’t wait to meet your lil man! Eeee, I’m so excited about all the sweet new babies being born!!!!

  2. jasmin kelly February 2, 2009 at 3:58 pm #

    Keely probably wanted to take Gabriella home lol. She’s a little girl she can play with lol.
    It’s funny cause all i kept thinking is – this is my third – what will my reaction be. Honestly at that very moment it’s like the first time you ever gave birth. The same emotions, feelings, reactions come back. I can’t believe I have enough love for three. It’s crazy but true. i thought I can’t love another little girl – i have bella. But, that’s not true. Its just different. Every baby is different and so is your relationship which makes your love and bonding with them all seperately wonderful, distinct and amazing. God knew woman had enough love to spread around.
    Thank you all for coming to visit. It meant sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!

  3. kellycrew February 9, 2009 at 4:29 am #

    Thanks for the visit…I think it is awesome to see all the families of LWFC support one another and grow with one another. I can never understand what you ladies go through, but just blogged earlier this evening about ‘growing love’ from 1 child to 2 and now a 3rd. It is amazing how our capacity to love just keeps going!

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