A Little Bit Of This… A Little Bit Of That…

29 Nov

A few nights ago, Brian & I tried to get a 3 year old & a 14 month old to sit pretty & say cheese at the exact same time so that we could snap a picture for our Christmas cards… what a disaster this event was. God bless the people who do this for a living. Brian & I were ready to hog tie them to the each other & the couch. sheesh. I’m going to attempt this nearly impossible task again today… after nap & snack. These things must be planned with strategy. Here is the best shot we got last night….



 Not exactly “Christmas card worthy”. Arg.

Speaking of Christmas cards… as I was filling them out, Keely thought she should give her input as to what we should write… “Mommy, say… Dear God, thank you for Jesus, thank you for love, & thank you for presents.” I thought that was beyond adorable. She clearly didn’t understand what or who the cards were for, but at least we know where her heart is at  🙂

…. & her new favorite word, “sassy”. I love it. The kid is saying words/phrases everyday that make me wonder, “where on earth did she get that?!”. Interesting. Thankful, they aren’t bad words so at least I know she is in the company of good people.

We taught Cale how to give kisses & I can’t tell you how big of a smile it puts on my face… especially when he randomly, practically ambushes Keely with puckered lips. Now that’s just special!

Life seems to be crazy & simple all at the same time. Is that possible? I can’t believe that we are a week away from being halfway through this pregnancy. It’s a relief that this time we practically feel like pros at the baby thing & we aren’t anxious about whether we’re ready for this. It’s nice to be excited without all of the anxiety attached. I’m getting more & more excited about having a larger family than just 2 kids. I have become pretty friendly with the receptionist at my OB office (FYI – that’s when you know you’ve had too many pregnancy in too short of a period of time). She was asking me to remind her how old the existing children are. She went on to tell me that she has 3 grown children that she had close together & that even though the challenges may be a little more difficult than the average mother in the very beginning years, it makes for a close family with beautiful rewards later. That has been our thoughts all along. It was nice to hear it from someone that has experienced it. One thing Brian & I have learned in the past couple of years is that, we can never truly rely on anyones loyalty & love except the love of Christ & the love we have as a family. If we turn to outsiders for what we should find in one another, we will be disappointed every time. I am glad to be adding another person to bind this family together in that security.

*current craving: pizza!*

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