Pregnancy = Bat Freak Crazy

4 Nov

Since I’ve decided to use my blog as a documentation of my very last pregnancy  😦    (& yes the thought actually does sadden me), as opposed to the journals I’ve used in the past, I found it only fair to share all of the random details.

I’m not sure when this started, but at some point, apparently being pregnant has given me an anxiety complex (ok, not really, but sort of). As most of you know by now, I am the Queen of organization… everything has to have a home, every can has to be placed a certain way in the cupboard, books must be arranged tallest to shortest, then fattest to skinniest, etc. Suddenly I feel like my house is complete chaos. Things are just scattered in none existent homes… too many things aren’t grouped accordingly. I feel so anxious about it. I’m really not sure where to begin, because with the unpredictable life of 2 small children, I’m scared that I’ll attempt to tackle a project & be left with it sitting on a counter top for 2 days until I can devote enough time to finish. Brian says that I’m totally exaggerating & that I do this every pregnancy. I don’t remember feeling so out of control (wow. I just realized that might fall under the category of a deeper psychological issue). Being pregnant with Keely, I had plenty of time to organize, nest, prepare… with Cale, it was slightly challenged, but still doable. Now my days are FULL just doing the everyday stuff. Maybe I’m just starting to feel claustrophobic knowing that we’ve already managed to fill every crevice of this house & now we are welcoming another person that adds lots more stuff. Hopefully in March, we will be in a new house. Everyone pray for us to have favor with the mortgage company to get a bigger house. Although… either way… we’ll make do with a smile  🙂  I don’t need a bigger space to enjoy what we already have.

It’s a good thing that pregnancy doesn’t take a toll on my moods. I’m good on that note. I’m sure Brian is more thankful for that than I am.

Current craving: cucumbers & ranch (could be much worse!).  Turn offs: salt… for some reason my taste buds have become really sensitive to salty taste (again… could be much worse!)


2 Responses to “Pregnancy = Bat Freak Crazy”

  1. iheartkiserboston November 4, 2008 at 6:31 pm #

    I’m confused about “bat freak crazy”. Is that you just being “crazy!!” or am I just stupid?

    Your journals make me laugh…I look forward to your pregnancy, b/c it is likely to keep me from trying it again myself. All I can say is A.D.O.P.T.I.O.N!!

  2. vanessathompson November 4, 2008 at 7:11 pm #

    yes… bat freak crazy is me being animated. The actual term is bat *bleep* crazy, but since I don’t curse, I made up my own substitute.

    … & you’re the pregnant woman that I hate! Your pregnancies are easy, so you can stop with the “keep me from trying it again myself”.

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