I Think I Can. I Think I Can…

5 Jul

I went & picked out the pattern & fabric for Keely’s jammies. It was so fun to be able to pick everything that I wanted… even down to the super cute buttons  🙂

Once I opened up the pattern & started cutting for Keely’s size, I started to feel a little intimidated. Lots of words & phrases that are apparently trademarked to the world of sewers. Kinda like when you work/worked in a restaurant & you say something like “86” or “corner” to someone that is foreign to the restaurant world… & they give you a confused look like “huh?”. Of course, I’m embarrassed to admit that not only did my husband have to show me how to load this sewing machine the first time, but he seems to also be much more inclined to these foreign instructions. So hopefully with his help with what my brain can’t process, I’ll get there. It’s fun to venture out into something I never thought I’d do… purely because of the intimidation factor. & the only way to learn is to dive in. Intimidation is for the weak. I might mess up a few times & come really close to throwing the machine across the room, but there will be a “Ta-Da” moment. & from there I can move on to tackle something a little harder.

Not to mention that I absolutely can’t let my daughter down. She’s so excited that mommy is making her some Hello Kitty jammies. & I got extra fabric so that I can make her a little handbag too  🙂


One Response to “I Think I Can. I Think I Can…”

  1. Shannon July 8, 2008 at 2:27 pm #

    I cant wait to see the jommies!

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