Banana Pudding & Pointless Epiphanies??

4 Jul

Made a trip out to Kristin & Emil’s last night for dessert. Keely & I made homemade banana pudding to take over. scrumptious. There’s just nothing like banana pudding right out of the oven… I don’t care how hot it is outside!

We took over our gift for their baby that is soon to arrive. I still can’t believe they were able to resist the temptation to find out the sex of the baby. We are all excited to find out what it will be  🙂  We don’t get to see Kristin & Emil too often these days, but that’s life I guess. I’m really excited for them to be welcoming their first baby into their family. I mean… geez… they’ve only been together for like a century now.

I was watching Rachel Ray this morning as I played with the kids in the living room floor, & she just kept talking about how when she is not “on stage”, she rarely gets out of her pajamas & downright refuses to wear make-up around the house. I smiled. Glad I’m not the only bum on the planet. Don’t get it twisted… I like to get dolled up & I’m pretty dang good at it, but man do I love my sweatpants & T-shirts. I’m all about comfort. I find it hard to understand why women waste precious hours of their day applying make-up & wearing uncomfortable clothes… just to raise kids… that trust me… think you’re the bee’s knees either way. But I guess many people have the same opinion of me & the time I spend blogging. Which is far & few between lately  😦  I should work on that.


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