Here We Go Again…

1 Jul

… Don’t know if I’ll be able to finish this blog right now, but I’ll try. as a matter of fact, it will most likely be typed in 5-7 min intervals.  🙂   Short-hand notes, so stay with me here….

I’m enjoying having a fun neighbor these days. I’ve never had a neighbor that I be-friended & could walk 20 feet to get to my house. Neat. We always share when we bake too… yum.

Tabitha stopped over for a while with the girls one day…

 Casey popped over with Toren….

 That = lots ‘o kids. We all had fun. The kids all entertained one another & we had girl talk.

I’ve been really getting into this whole sewing & handmade stuff. With all the “made in China” hoopla… who wouldn’t want handmade gifts? Of course, my whole stink about it is the originality factor… can’t be found at your local Target. I’ve gotten a few original, handmade gifts along the way… for baby showers, etc. & I know that I treasure that stuff the most. So I made some little goodies. Got some fresh lavender & chamomile & made homemade sachets. They turned out beautiful… to the eye & to the nose…

 My next project: A pattern *screams* … jammies for Keely. Who knows, maybe I’ll get extra corny & make matching mommy & Punky jammies. Keely loves the idea, go figure! Speaking of jammies… found a few of the cutest ones I’ve ever found for a baby boy (:  

 Line-dried jammies. Heaven  🙂

… & here’s the bay-bay.

 BUSTED! “Hey lil man… that’s a no touch zone.”



One Response to “Here We Go Again…”

  1. Tabitha July 3, 2008 at 6:17 pm #

    Those sachets turned out great!

    YAY for line-dried jammies!!!

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