So This Is Life… For The Moment…

31 May

This week has been…. well… crazy. Wednesday was the worst day EVER! but I somehow ended up laughing histerically about it the next night on the phone with Steph. * I’ll save the details of the day for myself… it was truly a “series of unfortunate events” * (did you ever see that movie?)

Then Thursday it was girls night. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I have a small group of girlfriends that I’ve had since I very first moved to Raleigh 7 years ago (wow. doesn’t seem like I’ve been here that long). We get together as much as we all can. It’s quite funny because some of us are somewhat leading the same lives (home with kids), but then there are a couple of the girls that are still single & experiencing completely opposite lives from that of a married mom. We are all going in separate directions most of the time, but every once & a while, we abandon our routine & pile up at one house & have wine & conversation. We’ve all known each other for a good amount of time now, so it can turn quite funny & there is never a silent moment. sheesh. After a day like Tues, it was a healthy outing to say the least.

Last night, B & I had a night out on our own & it was fabulous! Gotta love “date night” when you’re parents. We were looking around everywhere we went, trying to pick out who we thought were out on “date night” too…. you know, the weirdo people that you can tell are soooo taking advantage of this time away. haha. It’s so true though…. married couples with more than one small child do not have easy/convenient outings. I want to go out once & a while & NOT have to make sure we didn’t forget the 2 ton diaper bag. We enjoy the heck out of each other when we can talk to one another with a guarateed no interruption. “Date night” rules! I feel old just talking about this.

We had dinner at Bonefish (yummy!) & shopped around in the mall before our reservations. Saw a couple of people that I haven’t seen in a minute. interesting.

& today…. since Keely went back with the grandparents for the night… I’m heading to Joanne’s Fabrics for the material to sew the sachets. crafty business.

Looks like I’ll be doing crafty stuff & listening to my favorite tunes tonight after church & dinner with the Suo’s. relaxation!



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