No More Titles, Please!

27 May

We’re leaving for Hilton Head in a couple of weeks. I’m pretty friggin’ excited about that! Hilton Head is my favorite beach. It’s so beautiful there. It will be baby Cale’s very first time in the ocean & that’s always fun! & Keely has always loved the water, so taking her into the ocean is great.

The trip couldn’t have fallen on a worse date however. I’ll be missing 2 baby showers that I’ve been looking forward to. I was also planning on doing the “Race For The Cure” walk this year & I won’t be able to  😦 

LWFC is in the middle of a 6 week series entitled, “Home Improvement”. It’s been incredible so far. The week before last we heard “Sex Ed” Ainsworth speak (did you see him on Dr. Phil?). He taught on how to instill self worth as opposed to self esteem into your children. I learned so much! I even bought a few of the CDs to hand out to some of my friends. Talk about something that can change the future of your children! It was really awesome! Last week P. Steve taught about healthy marriages. That was awesome too! Who doesn’t want to learn how to improve & maintain a truly beautiful marriage from someone that absolutely possess those traits in his own marriage? Although, B & I discussed after the service that through the entire thing, we were both just thanking God & praising Him for our own marriage. We were both reflecting on what a truly good marriage we have! Still, problems will come… & they have, it’s good to have an even better understanding of how to be a successful & loving mate… every single day… through every circumstance. & how to always keep the spark alive through the years. This series has been such a blessing for new families like ourselves.

… & on a music note… check out Eisley (on my music blogroll). This band is by far the best band I’ve heard in a really long time (I know, I know… I always say that, but I mean it this time). My favorite track… “I Wasn’t Prepared”.


One Response to “No More Titles, Please!”

  1. Tabitha May 30, 2008 at 4:14 am #

    Ah… you’ve discovered Eisley. My very favorite. Don’t they just make you super happy?

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