Inspiration In The Right Places

22 May

This morning as I was deciding to be a little lazy as the kids rested,  I was reading the newest blogs of the people on my blogroll. These people & their lives & works are so inspiring. After reading a few posts & exiting the blog world feeling uplifted, inspired, & thought provoked… I thought to myself… “wow… how sad to think that I wasted 2 years of my life that I can never get back playing on myspace & helping to cripple the muscle of my mind, when I could’ve been using the internet to my advantage & actually learning something or letting someone inspire me.” Ugh. All of that time… wasted. Not once was I inspired, not once was my mind challenged, not once was my time spent productively… not once. I feel like a bit of a fool to be honest. No need to dwell on the past however, because today… I WAS inspired, my mind WAS stretched, & I DID leave my seat uplifted & ready to live another day for God with praise, gladness, & thanksgiving. Funny how life & God have a way of getting you in check.

So if the people that visit my blog are ever in need of inspiration, or are hungry to learn something useful in your life from someone that God is working through… pick any of these posts….

…. all of them… great people with a great message!


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