A Picnic On The Lake

21 May

We went out to Lake Lynn today for a picnic with Tabitha, baby Scarlet, Macky, Casey, & Toren. Lake Lynn is such a lovely place. Before moving into the house we’re in now… we lived right on the lake. I remembered today how much I missed it… especially as we had to park in the public parking lot & make our way around the lake to a nice spot to lay down our quilt. A year & a half ago… we could’ve walked a few feet out of our back door to a nice spot  😦

The walk was really nice though (not to mention much needed). We had a nice lunch & it was so sweet to see all of the little ones on the blanket eating & playing. Tab & I stripped the babies down to diapers & onesies, lathered them up in SPF & let them play. They were friggin’ adorable! I didn’t think an 8 month old & a 7 month old would actually interact so much. They were sharing toys & flirting with one another (shh… don’t tell Joseph). I was so annoyed that in the midst of packing ALL of the food & stuff, I forgot to grab my camera from home. Tabitha got some pretty good shots of the babies though. I’ll be sure to post them as soon as she gets them to me. All of the kids were so good & seemed to really enjoy the outdoor feast. They saw geese & ducks & turtles & squirrels. Goodtimes.

So today was definitely a pleasant day. Got a little sun, a little excerise, enjoyed the company of my most favorite fellow mommy, & officially wore both of my children out (they are napping as I type *sigh*).


2 Responses to “A Picnic On The Lake”

  1. rootsnwings May 22, 2008 at 4:20 pm #

    so… still no camera. Starting to freak out.

  2. IV May 28, 2008 at 7:43 pm #

    IV says : I absolutely agree with this !

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