Random Life Events

9 May

Tonight we (or rather, Brian) will be fighting back the tears & lowering baby Cale’s crib  😦   I was remembering when we lowered the crib for Keely when she was a baby. It was one of the only times that I was really emotional about her getting older. I’m not sure why this particular transition is such evidence of a baby’s rapid growth for me?? *tear*

Baby Cale should be crawling any day now. He’s up on his hands & knees scooting & rocking like he might just thrust himself across the room if he isn’t careful. He sits up, but doesn’t want to stay in that position for very long… he wants back down to try, try again. It’s so funny seeing how bad they want to just go!… seems like their minds are prepared & ready way before their stubby little bodies are capable.

The neighborhood pool opens up in a couple of weekends. I can’t wait! Casey & I have vowed to be there everyday again this summer. I hope baby Cale is as much of a water baby as Keely was! The moms at the pool last year couldn’t believe that she was only 2. She’s just like me for the world!… always seeking adventure… not scared of a thing!


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