Do You Believe? & Are You Experiencing?

7 May

We heard Dennis Burke speak this weekend. It was awesome. I often wonder how people can go to church or hear powerful Christian speakers like that, & leave unchanged! His message in a nutshell was on “belief”. I wish I could just post all of my notes, but we’ve been through this before… short-hand gibberish. As a matter of fact… I was getting annoyed at myself because I was missing bits & pieces while I was hanging on to his every word with my pen.

In the very beginning of my Christian walk… I’ll have to admit that true belief & faith in every single circumstance was what I struggled with the most. I brought this to the Cross everyday & asked for God to help me with that weakness. I realized during Mr. Burke’s speech that I really had improved in that department. God is teaching me everyday that if I’ll come to Him & give Him my faults & weaknesses… He’ll change me. Maybe not on my time, but that’s where faith & belief falls into place. Sometimes He wants to see if we’ll truly believe, so He may sometimes hold off on us… because belief is what makes us strong & confident in Him. Belief, in all situations, is really the ultimate test of God. We say that He is Lord of our lives, but when put to the test, do we trust Him with our lives & decisions?  Where I would have been discouraged before, my security in His Word & what He has told me, is staying strong & untouched by the father of lies & deception… even when I’m not getting an answer right away. 

 Dennis asked the congegration at one point if we are living Christian lives by just following rules & regualtions & sort of going through the motions of a “religion”… or if we are really experiencing God & allowing His blessings into our lives? I’ve come to discover that the experience of God is greater that any words on earth can describe or capture. I don’t ever want to be someone that just goes through the motions. Praise God that we are in a church that has been teaching us how to have that experience from the beginning. Jesus didn’t die for us to be bound to rules & regulations… as a matter of fact, He died so that we could be freed from that. He died so that we could truly experience God even though we are all sinners & sin separates us from God. He bridged that separation. He died so that through Him, we could confess our sins, & be able to come into God’s presence. He paid the ultimate price for us to BE ABLE to experience our Creator… we shouldn’t take that lightly… experience Him & He will reveal to you glorious things!… He will move in your life… He will change you… He will bless you. This I know! The truth is that… if you have a good relationship with the Lord, you won’t be so focused on following the “rules & regulations”… it will just start to come natural & easier. God will deal with you as you allow Him to. You will be a walking symbol of the blessings that God has for us all. That is what brings unbelievers to God, not how precisely you follow every rule… we would wear ourselves ragged trying to be so perfect. Should we be deliberately doing what God has instructed us not to do… of course not, but if we are close to God & make ourselves vulnerable to His molding process, we won’t have to try so hard.

One of the most powerful things that Pastor S. ever shared with me, was that “reading the Bible is learning about God, sharing your faith is talking about God, following the rules is living for God, but it’s only through a relationship that you really get to know God!” 


One Response to “Do You Believe? & Are You Experiencing?”

  1. iheartkiserboston May 7, 2008 at 4:56 pm #

    This last quote is good!! I Love those simple quotes that make a complicated thing seem so simple. Simple enough that even a child could comprehend. It is like the one Pastor Dial once said (my pastor from Cary Church of God). Mercy is God not giving us what we DESERVE..and Grace is Him giving us what we DON”T deserve.

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