the Law of Reciprocity

23 Apr

sounds like a mouth full, huh?!… it’s actually a pretty simple formula… “as you give, you will receive”. You give love, you receive love; you give kindess, you receive kindess; you give MONEY… you guessed it, you receive $$.

It’s such a shame that even some Christians either haven’t been taught, or just aren’t faithful enough to tithe, REGULARLY! God told us that we are to seek first the Kingdom. Why is it that as Christians, we seem to have no problem with trusting God when it comes to our direction in life, or our eternity, etc., but when it comes to money… we just can’t seem to trust God to do what He’s promised if we obey? It sounds ridiculous to pick & choose what parts of God’s promises we want to accept & receive.

I don’t see why it has to be such a touchy subject in church, to expect a spiritual house full of givers. God told us to bring our FIRST 10% into his House. That means that the first check you write out each month should be to your local church. I hear people say… “but I just can’t afford that”. Neither can we!!… but we do it anyway, & we NEVER go without. As a matter of fact, before we started tithing, we were barely making it… & now, with no change in income at all, we don’t seem to even notice that 10% is absent.

Our church is starting a new building project & some of the things that Pastor S. has taught us during this time has hit me pretty hard! “as men & women, we see a building as merely square footage, but God sees it as a house that saves! The bigger the building, the more lives saved. We are building the Kingdom.” 7 years ago, our church was operating out of a warehouse on a little side road that was barely visible from the street. Pastor S & the congregation made the decision to follow God & upgrade. They had no idea 7 years ago what would lie on the other side of that obedience to God & giving to His house. I realized that if LWFC had still been on that little side road, my family might not have found Jesus Christ. That is life changing! So who lies on the other side of our obedience now? How many more families will find Christ?! I never want my motives to be for a reward, but God WILL give back to us… abundantly!

So the next time you feel reluctant to reach in your pocket & obey God because you “just can’t afford to”, remember that the truth is… You can’t afford NOT to! Keep holding on to what already belongs to God anyway, & you’ll keep yourself from receiving His blessings.

“I have held many things in my hands, & I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.” – Corrie Bloom


2 Responses to “the Law of Reciprocity”

  1. Steve Caronna April 24, 2008 at 2:23 am #

    Powerful stuff! I am really proud of you and Brian. You rock!

  2. Donna Herndon April 24, 2008 at 1:39 pm #

    Thank you for that inspiring message. God has a way of using who he wants to give someone else what they need.

    Continue to let God use you, and he will supply you and your family with everything you need. God takes great joy in HIS relationship with us. With gratitude and awe, keep spending time with HIM in prayer and reading HIS WORD.


    Donna Herndon

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