A Reminder

23 Apr

… this was the scene Sunday night as we stood outside & enjoyed the smell of fresh fallen rain & grilled out with Tabitha, Joe, & our munchkins (which by the way… we all agreed that there is something to be said about getting together & sharing a meal & laughter with good friends).

Later that night, the whole rainbow thing stirred up my spiritual thoughts a little…

you don’t see a rainbow everyday. It’s always neat to see one… especially a full one like this. It’s a real reminder of God & our connection to Him. Most people know that the rainbow was a sign of God’s promise to Noah that the earth & everything living on it would never again be destroyed by a flood. When I see a rainbow, I immediately think of it’s spiritual presence in our world.

We drive down the road & pass trees & flowers & a beautiful sky everyday, but rarely do we connect that everyday atmosphere with spirituality. Maybe we’ve just become immune to these things since we witness them daily, but they are all made by the same Hand. I was watching the 700 Club this morning, & they had Priscilla Shirer on the show talking about her newest book “Discerning The Voice of God”. She talked about everyday life & how we shouldn’t only be aware of, or experiencing, the spiritual realm in our quiet time… it should connect with everyday thoughts, tasks, & experiences. & I remembered my rambling thoughts about the rainbow the night before. Why is it that only because we don’t see the rainbow daily, it becomes such a reminder of God’s presence in our lives? What about the beauty of nature & everything that surrounds us everyday? Everyday things may not have been intended for such an important lesson like the covenant that the rainbow represents, but it is still evidence that He is the Maker of ALL things. That’s really powerful when you think about it!

… when I see a rainbow & think of that covenant that is still making it’s appearance today… thousands & thousands of years later… I wonder… how on earth could anyone see this beautiful arch in the sky & not believe?!


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