And Then There Were… 5??

10 Apr

I’m just going to dive right into this one…

As of today about noon, B & I had a bit of a pregnancy scare. Okay, more than a bit!! & to go ahead & answer the popular question… No, I’m not on birth control. & trust me, it’s not because I’m stupid enough not to be, but since having Keely, my body just doesn’t respond well to it… I get extremely sick from even the lowest dose of hormone treatment. I too, used to think that females who claimed “I just can’t take birth control”, were full of it, but now I understand!

For the past week & a half (I’m NEVER late!), this has been pretty much the basis of every conversation, “Can we really do this?”… yada, yada, yada. The conversations had slowly moved from… “if”, to “ready or not, here we go…”

Long story short… I took a test last night to rid ourselves of the anxiety. Negative.

… so, why, after all of that “we were really irresponsible for getting ourselves into this situation”, were BOTH (yes I said both!) of us disappointed at the negative results. Are we freakin’ crazy?? We have a 3 yr old & a 7 month old!! I left B a note this morning telling him how guilty I felt for being dissapointed in the results. He wrote me a note back saying…. ” crazy thing is… I’m dissapointed too.” This coming from the same man that told me if I ever got pregnant again, he would never have sex with me again. hahahaha.

Both of our children were planned babies, & even though that may seem unimportant, we are really proud of that! I feel good about the fact that I can look my children in the eye & tell them that we were ready for a new addition & so very happy to find out that we were pregnant.

My question is this… Is it normal for a woman to feel a sense of dissapointment at the sight of a negative pregnancy test, even when you know it probably isn’t the best of circumstances?


3 Responses to “And Then There Were… 5??”

  1. Tabitha April 10, 2008 at 6:31 pm #

    Oh man would I be so excited at a new edition to our family… let me tell you… I would be absolutely freaked out… but so very happy. I think it’s the mother part of us… it’s what we were made to do. The more you find out why you are on this earth, possibly, the more comfortable you get with what God brings your way…

  2. jennifertobler April 12, 2008 at 8:12 pm #

    I know before Jamie and I decided we were ready to “give it a try”, we had a couple of scares. And its funny that everyone calls it a “scare”, but I know exactly what you mean. You go through the “maybe-maybe not, am I crazy, we can handle this, we can’t do this, AAAAH” conversation in your head a thousand times. But no matter what “logical” conclusion you come to … there is that hint of disappointment when the result is negative. I think for me it was just the thought of starting a new life that was exciting … and then to find out it wasn’t there after all is a little disappointing, no matter the circumstances. I agree with Tabitha … its that mother part of us. … so are there discussions now of another Thompson in the future??

  3. Shannon Isley April 12, 2008 at 9:21 pm #

    It took us a while after Madison was born to decide to make it a “done deal”. Even now I get that feeling of how nice it would be to have another baby. I’ll just have to wait for my cousins to start having babies!

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