It’s late… & this is random

9 Apr

* current annoyance:

Just when I’m taking off in full flight on this whole blogging thing, they decide to pull the ol’ switch-a-roo on us & make some changes to the dashboard. I’m all about movin’ up in the world, but now I can’t get any of my pictures to upload. Awesome. Stay close Lori… looks like I’m going to be using you as my picture posting slave (that was totally inside, but she’ll get it)… I warned you that this might be random.

who wants to read blog after blog with no pictures? Booooring. Doesn’t the wordpress people understand that like 75% of the population are visual thinkers? Hello! … & when I tried to contact “support” (who assured me that they could fix my problem), I learned that they are “temporarily closed”. Sooo… you make major changes to the system & then decide that this is the best opportunity to give the support team vacation time. Makes perfect sense.

However, I’m sure I’ll get it back & running in due time. No worries  🙂

(I was going to post a picture here as a page break… but….)

* I’ve been up reading from a book of poems, which always sends my emotions & thoughts into a colorful escapade.

* I happened to walk by the TV tonight & take a horrifying glimpse at “Secret Talents of The Stars”. Seriously people! This is exactly why I never watch anything other than “Paula Dean” & “Martha Stewart Crafts”. If it can’t teach me something useful in my everyday life, I’ve got better things to focus on. What did I see, you ask?… The Asian dude from Star Wars dressed up in a complete country atire (you know… the black button up shirt with the tassles & roses) trying to prove to whoever watches this mind crippling nonsense, that he can indeed become a country music singer. wow.

* Super funny story… I was talking on the phone with my mom today & we got into a discussion about B getting a vasectomy. My dad was sitting beside her… obviously only catching her side of the conversation. Out of complete confusion, he asked my mom, “what in the world are you 2 talking about?” She responded, “Getting snipped”, He asked, “who?”, she said, “Brian”. There was a moment of silence between all 3 of us & my dad broke the silence with this comment, “Well… I reckon if he’s lived this much of his life without worrying about it, he might not want to go through something like that this late in the game”. My mom & I were both like, “huh?” …. he thought we were talking about circumcision. How hillarious!


One Response to “It’s late… & this is random”

  1. iheartkiserboston April 9, 2008 at 5:09 pm #

    HAHA..this is hillarious. I will help where I can with the pics. HAHA..still laughing.

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