4 Apr

Anyone that has known me more than like a week, knows that I don’t function well in chaos. Nope…. I am definitely type A! Organization & schedules are my thing. I hate running around all day, doing a gazillion things at once… & then realizing at bedtime that I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I do on a regular day. When life is “normal”, I am able to manage my time quite efficiently. This week… not so much… it has been crazy. I don’t even remember last weekend ending. Where did the past 4 days go?

Keely has been running a fever since Wed. Everyone with small kids knows the demands of a sick child. I love her & would run to her beckon call as long as she needs me to, but phew!…. I’m exhausted. I did tell Brian that sometimes I feel guilty for eating it up when she’s sick & wants to constantly cuddle with me. She’s no baby anymore & her days of snuggling for more than about 30 seconds is long gone  😦   … gotta take advantage.

As if dealing with a sick 3 yr old, trying to meet the also abundant demands of a baby, & the usual  chores of running a smooth house (scrubbing toilets, folding clothes, & having dinner on the table at night) wasn’t chaotic enough…. Sat we noticed that Desi-Lu had a pretty bad infection in her foot. It wasn’t as bad as we thought, but we couldn’t have nursed her back to health without a prescription for antibiotics & a steroid. So she’s doing much better since the medicine has gotten into her system, but there’s a catch….

B forgot to tell me that the veterinarian warned him that the steroids would cause her to be extremely thirsty & of course… with the intake of lots of water, comes the excretion of that water. So come Tues, once the steroids had kicked in, she was popping a squat anywhere & everywhere almost every 30 min. Arg!!! She couldn’t help it. I’m pretty sure that she couldn’t even feel it coming on.  I’ve had to walk this dog every hour on the hour. I mean, seriously, could this have happened when my kid wasn’t sick. Life…. it’s either calm waters, or hellacious storms. I take it in stride though 🙂

On a lighter note… I gave baby Cale his first bath in the blow up tub this week (with big sisters help of course). No more infant tub. He’s growing up faster than I would like, but he gets more amazing by the day!


&& this weekend isn’t looking much more relaxing than the week. On the calender: 2 birthday parties, volunteer work at the Helen Wright Center, Courtney’s soccer game at Duke, church of course, & I STILL have to put the finishing touches on Keely’s Bday party shopping (which is looking like a good time already!)


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  1. Brian Alexander April 4, 2008 at 5:00 pm #

    Just found your blog good job

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