3 Apr




I was doing some spring cleaning today (it is spring, right?… I need to have a valid excuse to be my normal OCD self.), & I came across a bunch of old pictures. Some that I hadn’t even scanned into my computer yet.

I know that B & I haven’t been together for like an eternity or anything even close, but when I looked at some of these old pictures…. I was flooded with all kinds of great emotions. I knew I would marry him!… not a doubt in my mind.

We had so much fun! I won’t share with the world all of our moments, cause quite frankly… I like the fact that no one will ever experience them & remember them but us ♥

It was a total whirlwind from day one & it was just amazing & exciting & all of the other great feelings that aren’t easily put into words.

After today comes tomorrow, & then today is yesterday…. and life just keeps on ticking. It’s so nostalgic to look back & literally feel some of the same things you felt 6 years ago. & then to realize that even though it was just 6 years ago… geez, it seems like a totally different life! & now there are these 2 little munchkins that we produced.

I always knew that we would be together forever, but when I take a step back & look at us… it’s so amazing & unbelievable. There really is NO way to “imagine” you’re future with someone. Now we have 2 kids! WOW. It’s crazy. & he’s still my number 1…

My best friend.




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