26 Mar


He is my hero! Just when I feel lost…. he helps me find my way. He has never, not even once, turned his back on me. He’s never said a harsh word to me or made me feel less than incredible. He reminds me of who I am in his eyes & in God’s.

Many nights I have asked God what I did to deserve such a selfless soul. In a measley 5 yrs we have already been through what seems to be many seasons of marriage. Times when I thought for sure I couldn’t make it without him & times when my dependence on him was so scary that I purposely unattached myself so that I was sure I didn’t NEED him (yep… I got that independent nature from my mama too!). Through whatever phase I (or the 2 of us together) was experiencing at the time… he has always been there to draw me back in.

Truth is…. I didn’t think I would ever find anyone willing to deal with me long enough to let me deal with myself. But God sent him at just the right time. He saved me from myself. When he embraced me, I was so far from what he ever saw himself with either. I was on drugs & not at all willing to stop… at least not for anyone other than myself (independence & strength… it can be the gift & the curse). Somehow God set our paths to cross, & together we have grown into this incredible union. Our children will ALWAYS know a love between us that surpasses all obstacles. In every season, we’ve done it together… whether it was the painful times, the times we stayed up for hours talking, the times we brought our children into the world & wept together in the pure beauty of what our love for each other created, the times when the rest of the world failed us, but we had each other, or the time we stood in a church full of people we didn’t know & gave our lives to Christ… together… at the same time on the same day! If only 5 yrs have brought us this many memories, this many odds beaten, this strong of a rock to settle on… I can’t imagine what the rest of our lives holds. If God had only blessed me with him… that would be blessing enough to owe Him my life!


2 Responses to “B.”

  1. st. kelsie j. March 26, 2008 at 1:04 pm #

    you guys are amazing.

  2. lnfritzky March 27, 2008 at 2:50 am #

    yeah, pretty much! this is the sweeeeetest post EVERRRR! heheh, and btw – i LOVE your header, very cute!

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