Vacation or Relaxation??

24 Mar

What a fabulous week this has been!! We had nothing planned, yet stayed so busy. I realized this week how special it is to just enjoy what is right in front of us. It’s good to just slow down a little. We never had time to get bored, but we had plenty of time to just relax & enjoy some wonderful family time in between events. Sometimes you plan a vacation & once you return back home… you need a vacation from being on vacation!… especially when small children are included.

 Thanks to the Kelly’s & their awesome birthday party for Lucas, we were able to spend some good quality time with some of our favorite friends from church!… & Keely sure enjoyed herself as well!!


The people in this church have been such a blessing to our entire family. I can’t imagine not having them in our lives. Just a little over 6 months ago we didn’t even know these people, & now they are absolutely a part of our family. Keely talks about them & asks about them everyday… & it just warms my heart to know that she has such wonderful people surrounding her that genuinely care about her & have already built such love for her in their hearts. There can never be too much love surrounding children! I hope that everyone at LWFC knows that God has used you to change our family & guide us in the direction that we should’ve been going for a long time now. I thank Him for all of you everyday!

Tuesday Brian returns to work & it’s back to the daily grind around here. We’re sure gonna miss him!


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