City vs. Country living

22 Mar

I have grown to love Raleigh over the years. It took me a long time to consider Raleigh “home”. I figured after 7 yrs, a marriage, & a family…. it’s probably what one would consider “home”. I drive around downtown sometimes & think how lucky I am to be surrounded by such beautiful things.

However, I’ve been pondering the idea of being back in the country again. Maybe it’s my age catching up with me… maybe it’s the fact that when you get right down to it… I’m a homebody. Yes…. I got that from my mom too. 

I think I’m ready to be out of the city again. I’m ready to find an old country house with big rooms & hardwood floors. I’m ready to be able to open my windows on a beautiful day with nothing going on outside except nature! I’m ready to watch my kids run && play in the grass, I’m ready to walk to the mail box in my friggin’ jammies if I want to, I’m ready to hang my clothes outside to dry on a sunny day. I don’t need the rush of the world outside my window anymore.

 Don’t worry… if we leave Raleigh… it definitely won’t be to return to Goldsboro or Burlington*sour face*. It’ll be more like Wake Forest or Franklinton.



One Response to “City vs. Country living”

  1. jennifertobler March 22, 2008 at 2:49 pm #

    In Franklinton (our current “hometown”) you can have the best of both worlds. We live in a little subdivision that gives us the opportunity to have neighbors, but there are farms literally just on the other side of the trees. If you go outside at the right time of morning, you can hear the cows bellowing. But there are some really great farm houses and land up in this area, and getting outside of Wake County is sooo much more cost effective because you get more for your money. I know a great real estate agent if you guys really do start looking 🙂

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