Joyce Meyer Conference

16 Mar

I don’t even know where or how to begin this post. This weekend was such a life changing experience for me. I can’t even begin to express into words what happened in my spirit & my walk with God. I left Winston-Salem forever changed! This conference was such a tremendous blessing for me in my relationship with Jesus Christ.

I’ve been listening to Joyce Meyer & inviting her to minister to me for quite some time now…. even before I was born again. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is about her that I find so powerful… maybe it’s her “tell it like it is” approach, maybe it’s her amazing testimony, maybe it’s the fact that she doesn’t teach what to do, but HOW to do it! There is no way that I can deliver to the world what this experience was like if you weren’t there.

First I just want to say that the band Delirious that opened was friggin’ Awesome. with a capital A. By the second day, the crowd (including Courtney & I) was rushing out of their seats down to the coliseum floor… concert style baby! They rocked! It was such a beautiful thing to see 6,ooo people with their hands raised, worshiping the same God…. in absolute unity for that moment in time. God was moving & there wasn’t a single person in that building that wasn’t aware of it.

Joyce’s message was a complete revelation for me, as I’m sure many others. The message was Religion vs. Relationship. I wish I could just post all of my notes, but since I literally filled up 1/2 of my notebook with a bunch of short hand gibberish, it would take me waaaayyyy too many paragraphs to make them understandable to the rest of the world. This may seem a bit choppy, but like I said, I’m working from a bunch of notes.

Day 1: How to move from a religious relationship with God to a comfortable relationship with Him.

“God wants us to fellowship with Him. We should come to a point where we wake up in the morning talking to God in an informal way. Prayer shouldn’t always be so formal…. that’s not fellowship or a relationship. Religion doesn’t give you power, but having a relationship with Jesus Christ does!” *Philippians 3:10.

“God’s blessings will not remain where He is not welcome.”

“Even if we do good works, if it isn’t with the right motives & of God, it stinks in the nostrils of God. There will come a day when all of us will have to stand before God & be accountable for all of our works… & if they aren’t purely for the glory of God, He will wipe them from your slate as if they had never been done. Is our motive to please God or to please/impress the world?”

“Obey God because you love Him & are grateful for what He has done in your life, not because you are scared of Him. He is a God of love & He wants everything to be out of love.”

* “Remember, God sees our heart, & no amount of giving or outwardly things is going to replace the stinch of a bad heart & a bad attitude!”

“Why are words so important? Because out of the mouth, the heart speaks!”

*2 Corinthians 3 (Msg Bible)

” I want to always be growing spiritually. I want for Him to constantly be transforming me into His own image.”

“Only God can change someones heart. & only God can judge someones heart.” *Matthew 11:18-19

” The only way to serve Christ & make Him Lord over our life is to realize that I can do nothing by myself. Jesus knows that we have weaknesses & struggles… He tells us, “that’s why I’m here, to help you!””

” I belong to God & I am none of anyone else’s business.”

” Stay the way you are & keep going backwards. Everyday that you serve God is a day of progress… of moving forward.”

Day 2: 3 Religious Attitudes To Avoid

#1. Doing things to impress the world.

” Convicting others of their flaws is the devil’s way of taking the focus off of our own flaws & dealing with them.”

” Courage is being bold enough to face your own truths. The truth can only set you free if you acknowledge it.”

” If you can’t face the truth about yourself, then you’ll never grow up in God.”

” When you stand before God, He’s only going to ask for an account of your life, not anyone elses. Stop worrying about everyone else.”

” We should be willing to serve God anytime, anywhere, whether we’re being noticed or not!”

” Our worth & value should be in who we are in God, not in what the world thinks of us. If you have to have attention from people to determine your worth & value, then you don’t know who you are in Christ!

” Our peace & joy doesn’t come from our circumstances, it comes from what is inside of us!”

” We should be pressing on in God. Becoming better everyday!”

#2. Snobby, Exclusive Attitude.

” How you treat people effects you for the rest of your life.”

” ask God, “show me how to be a blessing to others?””

” don’t do things to get a result. Do something for someone that CAN’T do anything back & give the glory to God!!”

“I’m no better than anyone else.”

#3. Critical, Fault Finding, Judgemental Attitude.

” keep your convictions to yourself. Don’t try to be someone else’s conscience.”

At the end of the day…. what Joyce really taught me was how to live under the new covenant. I didn’t really understand how to not be bound by the law. It’s the relationship that matters. That’s what Jesus died for. He lifted the veil so that we could be face to face with God. He wants us to have joy & “peace beyond understanding.” We didn’t give up being miserable sinners to be miserable Christians! He knows what He’s getting when He gets us. Stop trying to change yourself, by yourself. Come to Christ just the way you are & if you form an intimate relationship with Him & make Him part of your life every single day, no matter where you are at or whose presence you are in… don’t worry… you won’t have to try to change yourself, He will change you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “Joyce Meyer Conference”

  1. Shannon Isley March 29, 2008 at 3:52 pm #

    I hadn’t been on myspace in a while, and was sad to see that you had gone. I found the link to this page, hope you don’t mind me taking a look. I enjoyed reading your notes from the Joyce Meyer conference. God used her to help me through a very difficult time about a year ago.

    Talk to you soon.

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