Keeping Up With the Jones’

9 Mar

Lately I’ve been really trying to understand & apply what Jesus taught… “we are to be in the world, but not of the world.” I know what that statement means, but I’m not always aware of everytime I’m faced with it.

 I have always thought that materialism is overrated, but there are times when I myself, am guilty of trying to “keep up with Jones'” once & a while. We all want nice things, but at what point are we just trying to impress other people? When is what we have enough?…. when did we become a culture obsessed with having a little more, or something a little better than the next person?… Why can’t we just be content with what we have? Shouldn’t we be measuring a persons success by who they are & what they are becoming rather than what they have?

There are some things that are so far beyond a reason for anyone to purchase in my opinion (like $200 purses & $300 phones). I personally think that there are too many good deeds to be done with that kind of money, to waste it on a purse that no one knows the difference between yours & the knock off that the person sitting beside you paid 20 bucks for (except for the secret code imbedded in the lining. ooookay.). That…. I will never be guilty of, but I am still not innocent of wanting to update a room in my home, or wear the lastest fashion (you people know that I have a weakness for style!).

 The point of this rant is that… trying to impress people with what you have is being “of the world”. It’s not at all pleasing to God. In fact… I’m pretty sure that he could care less & has many suggestions on what you COULD be doing with that kinda moolah. Didn’t He teach us that we come into this world with nothing & that’s exactly what we’ll leave with?! We live in a world that is more driven to have the newest cell phone, than saving their eternal souls & building a relationship with their savior. Even typing that seems ludicrous to me. So the next time I find myself just dying to have something “extra”…. I’m going to listen to my own revelation & remember what really matters!

Ecclesiastes 5:10 (NIV) – “Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless.”

“You can see what God thinks of money when you see the people He gives it to.” – Abraham Lincoln.


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