God’s work

8 Mar

I feel like God has really been dealing with me on a few issues in my life lately. I thought that He would just tackle one thing at a time…. not so much. I’m not complaining though!

I have a certain fear of the Lord. I believe that if He gives us blessings & we start to lack in appreciation for His gift, he just might take it away. I try to always be grateful for the blessings in my life. I have this amazing husband & 2 wonderful kids, but lately I’ve noticed that I seem to be a bit ungrateful of the hand I’ve been delt. Like what I’ve been given somehow just isn’t enough. The enemy is attacking. & not only is he attacking, but he’s going for the gold. He knows what means the most to me & he is purposely demeaning it. There are always going to be rough days, but they should never supersede the good. This week God has revealed to me how all of the “little things” make someone or something so incredible. I’ve noticed little things about Brian, Keely, & Cale lately, that make me just want to stop what I’m doing & thank God for such a blessing. God really has given me more than I deserve. I turned my back on Him for so long & He just kept blessing me, & showing me how wonderful He is, until He could draw my heart to His. I want to share God’s love & be a blessing in people’s lives… what better place to start than right here in my own home. 


 I think also, that I have come to a point in my walk with God that I am having to make some hard choices (a trying of my faith, if you will). God is giving me the choice to listen to Him, or follow my own path. Sometimes when we ask God for answers, I don’t think that we always want to act on the answer He gives… so we go with our own answer (cause we know what’s best right? psh.) There are a few things in my life that I knew I needed guidance on (“seek Him in everything!”)… so of course I took it to the one that has all of my answers. I prayed for months about one thing in particular before He gave me the answer to my problem (& it wasn’t what I really wanted to hear). But this time, I chose to follow God’s direction.  I just want to express that making the decision to act on what I knew was right & not on what was easiest or most gratifying for the time being, was very difficult. It was “a tough pill to swallow” as my very wise dad put it, but it had to be done. From the moment I committed myself & acted on it… I honestly felt a sense of peace. Very opposite from the feelings that I expected to come from the situation.

It’s very hard to really have faith in God when you are put under pressure. Real faith is one thing that I am still growing in spiritually. I think that we go so long relying on ourselves, that surrendering to ANYONE is a struggle. God is with me… always! & if I allow certain windows to be open for Him…. He will change me! He is really doing amazing things with me… & with Him, I have really come a long way. I know He was calling me, because after not attending church for 10 yrs, Brian & I decided to go the Sunday after Cale was born. We drug a very newborn baby & a toddler out on a Sunday morning to a church that we had never been to. We committed our lives to Christ that same day & we haven’t looked back since. Now that’s divine intervention! ha.


2 Responses to “God’s work”

  1. nikki March 9, 2008 at 9:44 pm #

    I know I’ve told you this before, but I really enjoy reading your blogs, esp. the ones about your faith. I’m really trying to establish a closer relationship w/ God and I love having contact w/ people who are striving for the same thing. Sometimes it is so hard to further our bond w/ Him b/c we are scared of what we’ll be “leaving behind”. By no means am I perfect but I am trying to do better and feel better for it. I’m really happy also that this is happening now, when I have a young child so he (and the new baby) will learn to love the Lord too. Your blogs that reflect your commitment are inspiring and encouraging. Maybe God is using you in this particular venue for just that…:-)

  2. lnfritzky March 14, 2008 at 5:48 am #

    i love this post! what a great reminder for every day 🙂

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